There’s only one rule in writeclub, write, write, write!



Or how a hillbilly in Honolulu finds some writing motivation.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do love the Twitter. It’s like listening in on hundreds of conversations all at once. Usually, I’ll check out trending topics that look like they’re about writing of some sort. One Friday I noticed a topic called #WriteClub. Immediately I thought, “There’s only rule of writeclub…” and on like the book “Fight Club” by Chuck Palaniuk (one of my favorite authors, btw.)

Given that the internet offers an anonymity that is very tasty for this inherently shy writer, I was able to sidle up to the crowd, and ask them, what cha doin? Holy spaceballs, 30 minute writing sprints? Trying to bang out as many words as possible?! And it doesn’t matter what genre you’re writing just as long as you write?! And you’re trying to break records? Plus this is happening in Europe too, so it’s becoming this underground international writing movement. For realz?


#WriteClub is brainchild of Megan Whitmer, and it was in fact influenced by Fight Club. Here’s her words on it. I love that it’s this ragtag affair where a bunch of people are working hard to make words happen. They’re trying to write as many words as possible just to finish their individuals projects. There’s a sense of camaraderie that I don’t often feel behind my cantankerous Toshiba. There’s no guarantee that these words are from the lips of winged angels. However, the first rule of #WriteClub is to write. With doing writing sprints, I don’t have time to over-analyze.  I just have to write.

Isn’t that what a writer should do anyway? So, c’mon over on Friday nights. Check out Megan’s blog for the deets. Thanks for reading.

Aloha, ya’ll!


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  1. Awesome! You know, as soon as I started reading I thought, hmm…I could maybe figure out how to incorporate this into the year-long project I’m doing because there IS a writing component to it. #awesome! Tweeted this post and thank you for visiting my blog yesterday! Cheers!
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    • T.A. Woods

      You’re welcome, I love looking at your projects. You totally should give #WriteClub a try! It’s such a fun way to get some writing done. And really, the only competition is between you and your project. Thanks for stopping by!

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