Week in Writing: Play catch up with me


Have a seat and a drink, while I tell you a little about my writing week.

Hey everybody! How did your last week go? Mine went alright. You know, had some mentions in other blogs. Did some writing. Did some thinking. Not much wine drinking, though I am contemplating a glass with dinner.

Cuz I love ya:

I wanted to give you this opportunity to find some free books for your Nook, Kindle, etc. I think a lot of you are probably like me and have an ebook reader, but also don’t want to spend a lot of money. After you sign up with your email account, you’ll specify what genre of books you like and boom! They let you know about cheapies and freebies. Get into it here.

They like me, they really like me! 

I wrote a piece for a site, and it was accepted. I’ll post the link when that’s up.

Last Sunday, I was featured at stanbrookshire.com. It’s a site devoted to the writer, Allison Crosgrove’s writing, and the main character from her mystery series Stan Brookshire. She also does other things as well, like author interviews and spotlighting little ole blogs like this one. Check her out.

Yesterday, Michelle Liew my partner-in-crime with the Creative Buzz Hop, wrote a piece about bloggers. She mentioned me, and I was incredibly touched. Check out the link, here.

Some stuff I wrote:

Here is where I talk about how I organize my writing:

Then I get disgusted by the whole “race card” thing.

I wrote my thoughts out lout about what social media sites would be like if they were people…kinda.

I’ve decided to start a dinner tradition, whether The Mathemagician believes it can happen, or not.

Looking for a new place to write? Bubblews has a very strong social media aspect to it. Community is not only encouraged, but it’s imperative to succeed there. If you’re interested in writing for Bubblews, here’s a spot where you can do it: http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=5215f75a6febc9.50674363.

What I’m watching:

I don’t have cable, so I have to show you the YouTube show that has me waiting each week for a new snippet. It’s called An Autobiography of Jane Eyre and it’s a vlog adaptation of Emma by Charlotte Bronte. You should check it out whether you’ve read the book or not. They’re creativity is a must-see.

Link Up, be creative and social!

Tomorrow’s Creative Buzz Hop starts, and this time around the buzz words are peace and solitude.  What do you do when you get your moments of solitude? What can we do to discover peace? What is peace to you? Where do you go to get your moments of peace and solitude?  Be sure to link up!


Aloha y’all!



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