Twitter Chats- How do they work?

I know this is one of those pretty old school things on these interwebs, but it’s still new to some people. So I thought I’d write up this post and give you a brief rundown about chats on Twitter.

Let’s get started!


Is it TweetChat or Twitter chat?

It’s referred to as both, but I tend to skew to TweetChat. I like the way it looks.  

What is a TweetChat?

A tweetchat is a conversation on Twitter that uses hashtags to keep up with the chat. There’s generally a topic, a moderator, and a scheduled time/day that people chat on that topic. 

How do you find a TweetChat?

There are tons of way to find chats. Often you’ll find them by searching for topics that you’re interested in on Twitter or via the internets. Word of mouth works really well. And there’s people who keep track of chats for you. For instance  Free Writing Events is run by a developmental editor who keeps track of free writing events, including tweetchats.

Mine is #writestuff which happens every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. 

How do you join in a TweetChat?

Generally speaking, the tweetchat will have an opportunity for you to answer a question introducing yourself. And that’s it. You join right in.

With my introduction I ask people to introduce themselves and something else whether it’s about their WIP or something that goes along with the topic of the day.

Mine like many others is a Q&A form where I ask a question and everybody else gives an answer. And then we comment on each other responses and have a conversation.

It’s too fast, how do I keep up?

I like to use a 3rd party app to help me keep up with chats. Tweetdeck has been my go-to for the last five years or so that I’ve been involved in chats. Basically, you’re able to track different hashtags and topics, in addition to any Twitter lists you’re following. 

I know that people use other apps like Hootesuite and Twubs, but I haven’t used them for this. So I don’t want to speak on that. 

How do they work?

Is there any Tweetchat etiquette?

It’s good to let your Twitter followers know that you’re going to be participating so they can temporarily mute your tweets if they’re not interested in seeing more.

Hashtag is king in Tweetchats. If you want people to see your part of the conversation, then use whatever hashtag is designated for that chat.

Be polite and try to engage others in conversation. It can be unnerving, especially if tweetchats are new to you. But once you get the hang of it, they can be a lot of fun and a great way to interact with other people with similar interests. It’s nice to not be yelling into the void.

I hope this post was helpful. Do you have a favorite tweetchat that you like to attend? Any questions, comments, concerns? Let me know in the comments!


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