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And the plot thickens…

Last week’s writing videos and Camp NaNo wrap-up videos focused on plot. It’s incredibly important for a novel to have certain points in the story to keep it moving forward. Not all novels are created equal, however, I’ve decided to implement some of the 8 point plot arc so that I can keep my story moving forward. Here’s the video where I tell more about what that is and what it means.

Then I gave an update on my CampNaNo journey. (Did you remember I was still doing it? Maybe not. I haven’t done the best job of posting updates on here, have I? Sorry I’ll get better!) I talk about what’s going on with my writing, how the inciting incident had to be discovered, and just all the things.

Thanks for watching everyone and being involved. Let me know how your writing is going, regardless of what you’re working on.

Aloha y’all!


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Plans for Poetry Month

plans for April

April is going to be a pretty busy month for me. It’s Poetry Month, so that’s when I kick things into high gear! I’ll be writing a poem a day, though I will not post it every day on here. However, one extra poem and a poetry video per week isn’t too bad, right?

On my Facebook page next month, I’ll be posting on Thursdays and Fridays posts from where I did Q&As and guest posts on

I’ll also be deciding on whether to host Just One Night on the blog or not. I’m not sure if this is the best place for it. If you have an opinion on it, let me know. I’d like to get a feel for how you feel about it.

This video will tell you about the plans for my YouTube channel, which will kind of work together with the blog. Any writing/poetry related posts, I’ll be sharing here, as per usual.

If I get about 80% of my plans completed, I’ll be feeling pretty alright about it all.


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A blue social flower

That’s the name I’ve decided on for this poem. I did a poem challenge, which was really fun and easy to do. I won’t go into all the instructions and all of that, because it’s right there in the video. And I wouldn’t want to cheat you out of the fun! Huzzah poetry and a book. It’s like this challenge was made just for me. (It wasn’t though. I was just lucky enough to find it.)

One of the things I want to make sure to do this year: write more poetry and share it on the blog. I don’t think they all have to major works. Why not have some fun while we’re at it? I won’t post all of my videos on this blog, but when they’re writing related in someway, then they should live here. Don’t you agree?

Enough with the typing, here’s the video! Enjoy!


Oh and just in case you needed a reminder:

Self Editing


I hope you’re having a great time in your new year and getting jump start on your goals!

Aloha y’all! 


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