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Remembering Valentine’s Day…

http;//penpaperpad.comOr I’m lucky I have a blog, because we suck at memory.

The Mathemagician and I were trying to remember what we did last year for Valentine’s Day.

Our first one together, we went on a double date with his sister and her husband–then finance.

Next year was our first in Hawai’i. We went to this place called Uncle Bo’s, because we thought it would be cheap and delicious…it was delicious, but not cheap. Totally worth it though.

So we come to last year…and totally drew a blank.

Then I remembered I’d written him a public love letter, because I’m a traditionalist. I talked all about our Valentine’s Day–WEEK, which totally made today’s tentative plans of heart-shaped pizza and Netflix seem weak.

Click here and read this rare occasions where I’m pretty emotionally open on PenPaperPad. So, enjoy it and happy Valentine’s Day.


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