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Microphone Check- A Poem

Microphone Check

I tap, tap, tap

the mic.

Face darkened room, faces

shifting shadows

hear feet shuffling,

restless legs.

Then my mouth drops


letting loose strings of


punctuated by


Giving way to clause

spilling over the brim with


and the audience takes incautious sips

burning the tips of their tongues,

so they have to shout

their ooohs…and ahhs…

because it’s just too damn hot.

Snapping fingers,

calling encouragement

until my last analogy

falls like a leaf from a


Softly swinging in the breeze

landing quietly

to thunderous applause.


This poem was written in response to this Monday’s prompt on The Reverie Journal that asks, if you could be anywhere, where would you be? Today, I’d like to be on a stage, reciting spoken word to a crowd who is loving it. If you have an idea for a poem, write it up and definitely link it up so we can read where you’d like to be.

Aloha y’all!



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Hot Comb Self-Deception (VIDEO)

http://penpaperpad.comI was apparently feeling ambitious this week with the video making. (Two in one week, waaaaah?) It’s probably from the kind words you guys have given me. I really appreciate it. Which also means, if you hate it, you did this to yourselves.

As I was getting ready to post this on here, I realized that some folks may not know what a “hot comb” is. A hot comb was my nemesis growing up.

It was a metal comb that my Mom would heat on the stove to straighten my hair. She also had a metal curling iron for the same purpose, but they were more like straightening out the natural curl pattern and then curling it again. (I also had to wear those sponge curlers to sleep growing up. Hard knock life.)

I wrote this poem about natural hair that made it into the “The Shaping of an ‘Angry’ Black Woman” collection. Here’s the video. Like, subscribe and share!

Aloha y’all

PS: I’ll let you know the release date as soon as it’s firm.

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