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Who is my audience?

Before I get into this week’s topic, I wanted to let you guys knows, I have a reading scheduled for Thursday, June 19th at the Mon Arts Center (MAC) from 7pm-9pm. It’s part of the monthly Morgantown Poets program. I’ll read for the part of the and then the second bit will be an open


I’ve pon …and hopefully someone is listening.

So she has me thinking again.

Denitra Letrice over at Thoughts from the Blue Notebook asked the question, “Who are you talking to?”

I’ve pondered this question for some time. We chatted even chatted about this a couple weeks ago at the #writestuff TweetChat.

So, I have a few different answers. Granted, I’ve created the “ideal” buyer of my book. This is a marketing technique to describe that buyer from what she looks like, to education, what she does, etc. The person whom would most likely feel a connection to my poetry collection, “The Shaping of an ‘Angry’ Black Woman.” (Spoiler alert: She’s not necessarily Black.)

However, I’m not just a poet. I’m a feature writer at LeftyPop. I write guest posts at other blogs. And I even have the short story that I’m sharing on here nowadays. Let’s not even delve into the books that are just itching to be written.

So who am I writing to?

I’ve realized that he or she is not just one particular type or gender, because that would be too damn easy. I’ll use “she” here just as a way for continuity’s sake.

She is a person who is a little bit of a cynical, but somewhere in her black heart she still hopes for a better way, a better day, a better…

She does not give up. She has neither time nor inclination to just stop. She has shit to do people.

She wants to be informed and entertained. She likes her news a little on the snarky side and she likes her fiction a little dark maybe even with a hint of romance. Not that Nicholas Sparks type of business. Her gag reflex is too strong for that.

She’s probably liberal, she’s probably concerned about our world and where we’re headed.

She probably thinks too much and feels all too aware of what’s going on around her.

She has been hurt, she’s been bruised, she’s been beaten, but she’s not broken. She’s still here, a middle finger in one hand and a flask in another. (Now, that flask may have orange juice in is. She just likes the flask. Don’t judge.)

This is the person I’m writing to. Someone who is like me, because before I give it to you guys, it has to pass my, “Is this crap?” test.

So if you haven’t done it, check out Denitra, and get into. Be a creative collaborator with us.

Who do you write for? Who’s your audience? Let me know in the comments.

Aloha y’all!


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Creative Buzz Hop! Being Awesome

Aloha ya’ll! This is something new that Michelle Liew from Muses from the Deep and are debuting. Here’s what we’ll be doing. Each Wednesday, I’ll release the Linky and then Michelle will post it tomorrow. (Time zones, what can you do?) We’re going to give you something for inspiration, and you just run with it. Poetry, short stories, rants, chants however it sparks your fancy.


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We ask you to follow our blogs and put the cute button that Michelle made at the bottom of your post. You should tell folks about it, and comment on each others posts. And more than anything…have fun!

Here’s your inspiration for today:

Here’s what this inspired me to write:

Putting on my Wonderwoman Underoos
I started the day
in the usual way,
Put my shirt on inside-out
Eyelids weighed down
with the burdens of nightmares
dreamscapes shaping my every fear.
It’s hell in there.

Then I poured the first cup’a.
I heard the birds chirping,
My brothers grumbling about
some world news
My Mother grumbling about my hair.
Realization set.
Yesterday slips through the fingers like
ocean waves,
just leaving a damp whisper,
Tomorrow is but a dream.
But today.
Today, I could change the world,
my world.
If I could just find my keys.

So spread and share! I’ll be RT your post and telling everyone how awesome you are.

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