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Fantastical #OctPoWriMo

They gathered round

black feathers slick

drops splash against

stain the skin

wings-spanned mountainside

flutters soft at first,

the furious, furring

sand pulling and spinning

stealing air,

squinted sights so beaks

restrained with golden ropes,

strained but never snapped.

On their backs

through lowered lashes

they are ephemeral

the existence makes hearts

fear to thud, so they

slip a beat to not

compete with perfection.

They are jealous,

you know.

They tower above

the wind moves not a

white robe,

nary a dark hair,

with a gesture,

flippant and unimportant

the lot has dropped to its knees.

Young and old,

knobby and knobbed,

Their homage would be paid.

Their gift would be taken now.

It had all be foretold.

Years ago when the books written in a language

as buried as the long dead speaker.

They kneel.

And they wait.


This poem was influenced by the prompt  for #OctPoWriMo. I have planned to write more poems, but I didn’t have any inspiration until I saw today’s prompt “Fantastical.” And this came up. I hope you enjoyed reading it and tell me in the comments when you hear the word fantastical, what comes to mind? If you want to share a poem, I would love that.

Aloha y’all! 


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