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Resigned : Days 2-5 #OctPoWriMo


I have been mentally in a different world and before I knew it four days had passed since my last poem. Sometimes I’ll become consumed with one thing to the detriment of others.

I’m going to give a go at writing one poem to suit them all. Or rather, a poem that has days 2 through 5 prompts in mind.

Day 2’s prompt said to watch a video

I watched this one without the sound on:

The song when I listened to it absolutely gutted me. In a fit of panic I made my Mathmagician promise that we’d never just stop talking. That we’d always check in. I actually wrote a post about this here, because I’m a traditionalist and harken back to the days of old when scribes wrote very personal feelings for the world on parchment paper and posted them on light posts. Maybe not? Ah well.

Watching the video without sound, I found it actually more optimistic. And I saw that he was trying to reach out to her a bit more than she did him. I saw that even though they weren’t as warm as they used to be when they were younger, they were together. And I saw they didn’t want to be without each other.

The third day’s prompts used these words:




The fourth day’s prompt had these words:




The fifth prompt used these words:


And now I’ll try to make all of this a poem that make some semblance of sense.


Their hands, separated by sea
a distance so fantastic as to
consume them with the numbers.
Stranded on separate islands
where no magic wands nor fairly tales
could release them from their


Finger tips tapped Morse
desperate to find love’s code
in a few beats.

Exhaustion has set
after years of whimpered silence
callused fingertips beg for


They resign to their solitude
sending up smoke signals
of heartbreak.

Tell me what you thought of it in the comments and do try out OctPoWriMo. Granted, I’m not a paragon example of writing everyday, but I do show that you can do this as you will. And falling short sometimes is alright. You’re only human too.



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Goodbye to Mystery

Goodbye to Mystery

The woman’s shy eye spied over her shoulder

Turned quickly back to the book where Jon Snow

knew as much as she did.

The object of her affections infectious laugh

made her wish to hold onto to the sunlight in her hair.

Let moonbeams play in her sighs.

She swallowed her throat’s lump,

issued a quick flash of teeth more grimace than grin.

Standing felt like the earth had stopped its rotations,

quelling impulse to sit and stare into the distance,

pretend as though the daydreams would carry her into

a new life. A new her.


Wouldn’t keep her moving forward into the waiting arms

of the woman she adored.

Foot in front of another,

Stomping out her fear,

Ignoring the slightly queasy feel in her stomach,

she’d killed her body’s equilibrium.


But steadier with each heel’s click.

The coast was clear,

nothing marred the horizon.

She could do this.

Push fear into back alley deals where money traded hands

hidden from the boy’s in blue watchful eye.

Dispel the mystery of this mating ritual.

Seasons outside of her comfort.

She’d waited so long to whisper



For this week’s poetry prompt at The Reverie, it was all about Murder She Wrote. Obscure maybe, but I’ve been watching a lot of Jessica Fletcher on Netflix. Sooooo…the words for the prompt were inspired by the show:



The Coast



New England




Join in the fun! And remember every Monday is a new poetry prompt. And just in case you didn’t happen to see The Reverie’s exciting news, check it out.

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Infinite stretches against the shore | A Poem

Infinite poem


I                n               f               i               n               i               t               y
                                                                                     sea flows into the stream of life
                                                                                            file the consciousness into the darkest drink
rebel against the norm,
                                                                                   against misinformed patronizing platitudes
                                                                                              hope breaks against shores of inconsistencies
                                                                                                sounds like glass shattering
                                                                                         there's no more Truth here.
                                                                                                                A                     w                    a                    y


This poem is written as a response to this week’s prompt over at The Reverie Journal. There was two parts to it. Use at least 5 words from the wordle to create the poem and try to change the look of the poem to impact meaning.

I wanted to play with the idea of space and the infinite with space. I though this was an interesting challenge and it includes Star Wars–can’t go wrong with that.


The words I used: echo, infinity, sea, rebel, away

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