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The Plan for PenPaperPad 2016

the plan

Aloha everyone! I hope your 2016 has started off with a bang! I know mine did. Unfortunately, I’m not sick, which isn’t quite as fun, but alright then.

I’ve been leaving this blog to go and that’s not fair. I’ve had this blog for (wow) four years, I think. This is where I started sharing my writing regularly and helped me to get over my fear of writing for an audience.

I certainly don’t want it to languish. If you been around here for a while, you know that I’m always coming up with a plan. To-do lists help to make my chaotic world feel crazy, even when I fall short of doing everything on the list. I feel like a success with the little checks beside of my items.

I wanted to tell you a bit about my plans for PenPaperPad specifically. I’ll be posting videos that will tell you about what I plan to do with my writing in general and my new author website that I revealed earlier this week.

I’ll still be co-hosting #1000 Speak for Compassion on the 20th and answer writing prompts, because that’s always fun. I want to write a short story and/or a poem each week on here. I’ve been very involved in editing my novel and I haven’t been keeping up with other writing.

Speaking of editing, I’ll be posting my editing vlogs each Saturday on here. I put a lot of effort into those videos and I’d like to give it a home outside of YouTube and maybe it will be of interest to some of you here.

I also plan to finish the “Just One Night” serial. I’d gotten to the 4th installment and then I stopped. But I like this story and the idea behind it. I’ll be posting one new installment per month. I was thinking somewhere near the end of the month.


Just One Night Part Four

I’ll also be posting guest posts from other writers, some indie author reviews, book release for others, etc. I just won’t be doing any of this regularly. I like to support authors, so as I come across ways to do that, I’ll definitely share them here.

Here’s the latest video about my author website. I am giddy. Still. It’s not going to get old for me for a while. If you feel the urge go over and check it out and subscribe if you’d like. I’ll be posting writing tips there twice a month.

And here’s my writing plan in general. The stuff I plan to write in 2016. I’m pretty amped to get things done this year!

I hope this post met you having a fantastic New Year. Share your plans for 2016 in the comments and I’ll see you in the next post!

Aloha y’all! 


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And the Winner Is…


Thank you to everyone who entered! Fortunately, Rafflecopter offers a random selection, so I didn’t have to choose anyone myself. The winner is: Michelle Grew! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Tomorrow’s my birthday you guys, did I tell you that already? More likely than not, I’ll be filming some type of vlog, so definitely sign up for my YouTube channel, so you can be alerted when that mess occurs. Also, did I tell you guys my next plans for my YouTube channel? Just in case I haven’t, here it is:

I’ve also got a few plans for this blog and my writing for 2015. Some changes a’coming and hopefully we’ll both enjoy them. It’s not a change in the layout…at least not yet. It seems like I get a spring cleaning feeling for this place annually–at least. Eh, gotta keep your options open, right?

Again congratulations to Michelle and thanks to everyone who entered!

Aloha y’all!

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