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Kitchen Witchin’- Guest Post



Nar has been a dear friend of mine for years. She writes about her life and beliefs at Nar’s Witchy Kitchen. However, I realized as a few weeks ago that I hadn’t asked her about religious beliefs and her food meet. How does it work? What does it mean to be a kitchen witch? I assured her that my readers are a respectful group who would be interested in learning more as well. Grab a cuppa and settle back as Nar gives us a peak into her world as a kitchen witch.



I am a Pagan blogger. I am a food/recipe blogger. I guess that makes me a Pagan food blogger or something. Let’s not worry about labels right now, though. How do those two things go together? Do they go together at all? Sure, I guess. Why not?

Let me start over. I am Nar. I’m what some people might call a kitchen witch; I call myself an Agnostic Pagan who chooses to concentrate more on nature than on deity. I do it through seasonal cooking. I blog some of the recipes, along with food superstitions, magical information, and whatever else seems to fit at the time.
Basically, my life is an attempt to find the Divine, get in touch with nature, and eat well while doing those things. Then I blog about it. When I remember.

This is kind of a small niche. There are tons of food blogs out there, as well as tons of Pagan blogs. There are quite a few kitchen witches out there who blog, too. We have a few things in common, such as special meal for the sabbats and the whole Pagan thing in general, but there are also things that set us apart.

I’m a writer and a cook, but I’m not much of a photographer. Food is hard to photograph well. Styling? Hell, no. Plus, there’s that whole ‘remembering to do it’ shit. My blog is different because I don’t feature a lot of photos. I paint a word picture instead. I like to give my readers freedom to use their imaginations.

Being an avid reader, I still prefer to use my own imagination to another’s interpretation of what someone or something should look like. I want to give my readers the same opportunity. Occasionally I will take a photograph or two, but my skills are nothing to write home about, believe me. Besides, the kitchen is always messy as hell, what with my recipe experimentations and all.

So, how does this make me a writer? Recipes often come with stories such as how the recipe was created, for what event, etc. I don’t simply list ingredients and instructions; instead, I try to include the back story as well. Sometimes I do this through fiction. Sometimes it is a poem or prayer.

How do I set myself apart? If I had to answer honestly, I’d say by being kind of boring at times, what with the lack of photographs, but do you really need to see every single step in a recipe? You have to see a photograph of buttered bread to understand what’s happening? Really? Nah. I try to set myself apart by my writing style, inventive recipes, and lack of frills and nonsense. I also cite my sources when something comes from another place. APA format FTW.

Hopefully the combination of original and tried-and-true recipes, spiritual thoughts, and the combination of fact and fiction help set me apart. It has been a while since I’ve offered any fiction on my blog, but with Ostara coming, that may change. Sometimes it’s the best way to express the true feelings of the sabbat.

I strive to feed your mind, body, soul, and imagination. I want to share my passions with those who are interested, and I want to give my readers a different way of approaching celebrations and everyday cooking. As with everything else, it is a work in progress, and there is always room for improvement. One day, maybe I’ll get it just right.


http://penpaperpad.comA practicing Pagan for over a decade, Nar is a kitchen witch, a priestess of the goddesses of the hearth (particularly Hestia), blogger, and a teacher. She believes that ritual can be incorporated into the everyday through mealtimes. Nar’s eclectic path is reflected in her cooking, which has been influenced by the places she’s lived and visited and the people she has met. She believes spirituality and food go hand in hand, and she strives to strengthen her connections to the turning of the wheel and her personal deities through her cooking. When she is not in the kitchen, she is crafting clay Kitchen Krones and other witchy objects. She currently resides in the mountains of Appalachia with her Aussie and four spoiled pets. You can read her blog at http://narswitchykitchen.blogspot.com.


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