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My fave PenPaperPad posts for 2013 (Video)



So, everyone is doing that obligatory best-of wrap-up, with their resolutions for the new year on the side. Well, here’s my five posts that I’ve enjoyed the most, and a vlog telling you about my plans for 2014. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. Here’s to making 2014 into the best year yet!


I wrote about being a Black writer in a post-racism society. I think the term “post racism” is a bunch of bunk. Saying everything is okay for people of color because there’s a black president is like saying everything was fine for women after they got the vote. 

I talked domestic violence, and a terrible tragedy for the blogging community at large and the world in general.

I tried to figure out if it was a bad thing that I don’t really seem to have hobbies.

I wrote a poem for my Mom about how she would indulge my crazy writing brain.

I even asked you guys what you think about smut. Then a few weeks later, I tried my hand at writing it. Foreshadowing in life? Does that happen?

Oh yes, and this:

Hope your 2014 is an epic tale of awesome that your family will be talking about for generations!

Do you have goals for 2014?

Aloha y’all!

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Happy New Year (A Poem)

http://penpaperpad.comHappy New Year (A Poem)

Her mouth had that dry stickiness,
cotton candy may have died there
like Wilford Brimley with his doppelganger cat
would soon knock on her door
telling her about the diabeetus

Totes too many mix drinks, methinks.

Last night was one for the records
ladies and gents.
The selfies don’t lie.
They’d tweeted themselves into infamy.
Officially the girls their mamas
had warned them about.

This is the best night that everwas, (neverwas?).

She’ll recall it according to the pictorial
linked from IG to my Tumblr.
This is not Facebook official business.
Each poorly framed, yet perfectly filtered,
portrait reminding her of a booze soaked memory.

I had no idea your tongue was so flexible.

The instantaneous gratification is too much.
Resistance is futile.
(And soaked in gin.)
Someone please create the
Anti-Selfies-while-drunk app.
Too drunk, the phone locks down
Except to call a local cabbie.

Go drunk phone I’m home.

Her shoe seems to have ran after her
dignity in the club last night
dropping it like it was hot,
falling cause it was not.
The shoe that deigned to return her
poorer yet wiser home,
didn’t take her to the right abode.

Who’s this snoring next to me?

I think he may be cute,
but eyes still blurry from caked
mascara are as good as beer goggles.
Warm obscuring of the truth.
No telltale soreness
Panties still on.
What a way to start the new year.

I’ll meet you at the bar tonight.


Hello, and welcome to Week 31 Creative Buzz Hop. This week’s theme is “secretfun.” If you have a post about fun, please link it up here. We’re knocking on the new years door, so we’re thinking about fun. However, if you have something off-topic that you’d like to share, please do. The theme is just an idea.

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