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New Year’s Eve–Clean Slate

Writing old school

New chances with familiar things

It’s a new year! New chances, new opportunities. New ways to make your mark. Goals. Resolutions. Change.

This is primarily a writing blog, and in it I’ll discuss things about writing. I changed the initial concept, which was to just write about interesting news topics, comment and share. There’s plenty of blogs that are like that. I think this concept will work better for me, and probably be more of use to you.

So my car was burglarized on NYE. My boyfriend lives in a shady part of town, and I guess my 1999 Toyota Corolla was just too tempting to ignore any longer. /end sarcasm The fruits of their labor? My work bag, my change, a few dollars from the console, my CDs and my sense of privacy.

Initially I was ticked, prompting angry fb status and some tears. However,  a couple days have passed and I’ve decided to change my thoughts on it. One of the things stolen was my jump drive, which had poetry and the incomplete rough draft of my novel. Now how can this be a positive?

Everything that I have written before is gone. My slate is clean. Preconceived notions of who I am as a writer have been deleted. Oddly enough these thieves have pressed the reset button for me. I don’t thank them, but I am going to appreciate this new start.

And I’m writing everything in notebooks. Spiral notebook and steno-pad style. Taking it back old school with the addition of sweet Sharpie pens. They really don’t smudge–bliss.

So, what are you plans for this new year? Is there a change that you want to implement in your life? Did your 2010 go out with a bang or a whimper?


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