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New Year- New Me?

Nope, same old me. Sorry y’all. I don’t think I’ve ever been one to think that an extra number of the calendar meant I was going to totally reinvent myself. I just want to try harder on the things that I’m already doing. Not very revolutionary, but that’s ok. Change takes time and all the things I want to do won’t shake out in one calendar year.

But it can be a great start.

Here’s one thing I did. My new logo! What do you think? It’s featured on my newsletter and it’ll pop up in different places this year.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot of is just thinking about what I want out of my writing life. Out of this life, period. Puzzling things through and wondering what I was going to do. Where is my writing headed? Is the direction I’m going the path I’m intended?

Am I ever going to write on that blog again?

I started figuring some things out.

And then the bomb dropped in Honolulu. Or rather, it didn’t drop. And I got to thinking, probably too much about life and living it. And what I’m looking for out of this life. It’s so short. I think I needed that reminder. I don’t have the time to waste.

I’ve neglected you for far too long on this blog. I’m going to be visiting you much more often. I also have a newsletter that goes out every twice a month. Maybe more if something amazing is happening. I’m starting a serial short story on there. If you’d like to get regular updates from me and read a not-so cozy mystery, then sign up.

But I wanted to go further into it. So…

Here’s what I thought about with my writing:

And here’s my thoughts on my bookish goals:

What are you doing for your 2018? Look out y’all, I’ve knocked the cobwebs off of here, so you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me.

Sidenote: I was interviewed by Burgess Taylor about all sort of writerly goodness. And I did a written interview with Julie Reeser on her blog Persephone Knits.

Also, this Thursday on my channel at 7 p.m. EST, I’m going to host a write-in. I’ll be livestreaming and writing, so if you want to chat and get some work done, come see me!

Aloha y’all! 


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Stalled Start

He was the best man at her wedding, on her side.

He’d taken her out the night before
friends from college hazed days and adolescent angst.
Soaking memories in tequila and a beer back.
Bad haircuts, boyfriends, and pierced places.

He’d always been there.

Through knobby-kneed scrapes from falling down, down, down
the water tower,
Grounded for “letting her” climb it.
Gum matted hair from blowing up, up, up
Guinness worthy bubbles.
Got grounded for cutting her bald on the left side.

Growing up worth the growing pains.

She’d snuck her first cigarette behind the gymnasium,
he held the lighter.
Wanted to tell her the glow set gave her face the cast of a misspent angel,
he swallowed those words.

Stalled Start

First recital, her notes falling flat, stilted applause.
He grabbed her hand, pulled her into the bathroom. Pulled her brush out of her purse, pulled My Chemical Romance from her lips.
He ached to whisper the lyrics would be nothing without her contra alto. She sang and his world felt righted. Her voice breathed life into his soul.
He settled for her smile.

Always waiting.

His toast was broken with him clearing his throat. Champagne hand shook, crowd mistook it for nerves.

For a mad moment, he wanted to grab his best friend,
spirit her off to a castle on a hill,
a beautiful spot in Italy where they
would throw their gluten-free diet to the wind.
To anywhere, but that moment.
Where he had to smile and tell the only woman he’d ever loved.



This was in response to today’s Reverie Journal poetry prompt on starts. I took it to mean, he chose to start nothing and he was left with a friendship, but wanting so much more. Now he’ll always wonder…

Let me know what you think about it in the comments. Please go over and check it out. Write something yourself!

Aloha y’all!


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My fave PenPaperPad posts for 2013 (Video)



So, everyone is doing that obligatory best-of wrap-up, with their resolutions for the new year on the side. Well, here’s my five posts that I’ve enjoyed the most, and a vlog telling you about my plans for 2014. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. Here’s to making 2014 into the best year yet!


I wrote about being a Black writer in a post-racism society. I think the term “post racism” is a bunch of bunk. Saying everything is okay for people of color because there’s a black president is like saying everything was fine for women after they got the vote. 

I talked domestic violence, and a terrible tragedy for the blogging community at large and the world in general.

I tried to figure out if it was a bad thing that I don’t really seem to have hobbies.

I wrote a poem for my Mom about how she would indulge my crazy writing brain.

I even asked you guys what you think about smut. Then a few weeks later, I tried my hand at writing it. Foreshadowing in life? Does that happen?

Oh yes, and this:

Hope your 2014 is an epic tale of awesome that your family will be talking about for generations!

Do you have goals for 2014?

Aloha y’all!

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