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Nurtured bites (A Poem) | #1000Speak

Nurtured bites
She rested against the locker,
cold metal pressed against her back
hunter green like her thrift store Army jacket.
She wondered if someone had worn it in war
and if they’d been on the winning side.

Head on her knees
she tried to breathe deep
like her mama’s newest guru
taught her. Breathing was a gateway
to her chakras, which seemed clogged
but she thought maybe they were just hungry.

Sharp pain in her ankle,
dark laughter and footsteps racing
down the hall. She hadn’t bothered to
look. They were all the same.
She was always their target practice.
The weak ostracized from the pack.
The gazelle.

Tears burned the back of her eyes,
Waiting to be freed.
She swallowed them down.
On today’s lunch menu:shame.
Then something changed,
Shadow above her
Seen through her hair curtain.

Teacher lowered herself quietly.
Legs crossed at the knees.
She reached into her satchel,
that matched her shoes perfectly,
pulled a sandwich and
passed it to the girl.
“Want to talk about it?”

The girl shook her head.
Not today.
Maybe she would next time.
That sandwich seemed fill her
With hope.
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Nurturing has to start somewhere. Sometimes it can be as small as a person consistently being there.

It’s time for the #1000Speak linkup. This month’s theme is “Nurturing.” If you’d like to participate, feel free to linkup.

If this is all new to you, watch this video.It tells you the backstory of the 1000 Speak for Compassion campaign.


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