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The End Is Here! The End Is Here!

http://penpaperpad.com/end-nanowrimo-2014 The end is here. NaNoWriMo ended yesterday. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month: 30 days where thousands of people all across the world come together with one mission in mind: Write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. As you read these words, the final days of NaNo are fading into the ether and people are left wondering after a month of heart palpitating, sweating palm inducing, insomnia-loving writing excitement- What now?

We’re going to be talking about that at the #writestuff TweetChat: Where writers talk about writing. It’s on Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 9 pm Eastern. Each week we come in at the same time, same day and discuss a different topic. My Twitter is http://twitter.com/penpaprpad (I know, surprise, surprise). If you have any questions, I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

What was I going on about? Oh yes, insomniac writing sprints. Or at least that’s what brought it home for me. I wrote to the point of fingers falling off some days, because I was so inspired by my book. Other days I hated the very words I was writing and was determined to become a librarian. Sometimes it’s that way with a creative work, but even as I was stressing out, my eyes glazed with that crazed creative glee–I loved it.

I love shaping a story, crafting out a world. Creating something with my mind and some unknown force–because I’m not sold that all the words come from me. Especially late at night when I introduce a dwarf into the story so I could kick out those last 86 words. *ahem* I don’t think he’ll be making it to the final draft.

Here’s the vlog I created for my last day of NaNoWriMo where my goal was to write 10 thousand words and I was filled with adrenaline, coffee and crazy.

And don’t forget this giveaway ends on Friday. Four books, Three authors and shouldn’t that winner be you? Just a little thank you that I wanted to share with you guys. And please, share the link with a friend.

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Reflections in writing

Here’s the thing about writing that no one tells you: It’s as emotionally taxing as it is rewarding. When things are going well, you feel like you can soar. Your words are unstoppable locomotives into the imagination, your reader’s mind the station where your ideas are headed. Those days are brilliantly intoxicating, keeping the writer going and sustaining us like life’s breath.

Then there’s those other days.

When the words are terrible. They’re the train that was derailed and broken on the of the tracks, rusting in the hot, unforgiving sun. They have not only destroyed the (potential) reader’s mind landscape, but the writer’s as well. Every single one of those words count. They have meaning and impact. They’re a piece of the writer that has been shined up and offered. When the writer feels the piece is horrible, that’s when those bad feelings happen.

So I made a vlog about it. I talked about how I was feeling- I was in the mud of it guys. The terrible feelings were welling up inside of me and I couldn’t be as bright and happy as I try to be. I like to give a happy light to writers (and readers) who check out my videos, in hopes that the light will make their day brighter.

But this day, my light was burnt out.

However, with the mercurial nature of the writer, that stuff can change in an instant. Or at least with me, it was in a 30 minute word sprint after the #writestuff TweetChat. Suddenly, something *clicked*. Words fell into place. And my light was back. (It doesn’t take much people. Just a breakthrough of mammoth proportions in the form of less than 500 words.)

That’s it you guys. The journey of a writer’s emotions in two short videos. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments if you can relate.


Aloha y’all! 


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Inspiration, a tag and a poetry prompt

As you know when I’m around these internets all about that NaNo, all about the NaNo, no edits. (Oh, I do apologize for the cheese. My brain is mush.) It’s been an interesting experience so far. We’re at the week two mark and I just broke 20k, so I’m pleased with the progress.

I want to share a couple videos that I made over the weekend.
This one talks about staying inspired, because NaNoWriMo starts to wear you down a bit.

This one I talk a little bit more about my personal NaNo experience.

I also wanted to share with you this week’s poetry prompt at The Reverie: a chance to look at the headlines. I may write something for this week, I haven’t thought it out yet.

Let me know what you think about all of this in the comments. I miss our chats.


Aloha y’all!


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