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Indie Author Spotlight |Kate Bonham Q&A

Indie Author Spotlight 2

Kate Bonham is one of my new favorite authors from Down Under. (Oh, I am so very glad you couldn’t hear my terrible Australian accent.) Kate is the indie author of the Fallen from Grace series. I met her at an author takeover a few months ago.

What’s an author takeover? In this case it’s a Facebook event where authors sign up to host for time slot-usually 30 minutes to an hour. The authors host giveaways, answer Q&As, and talk about their books. It’s an excellent chance to meet new authors and new readers. In fact, Kate’s hosting a few and I’ll link them at the bottom of this Q&A. They’re free and a lot of fun.

But enough about that.

Let’s learn more about this paranormal romance author:

Tell us about your origin story Kate. How did you become an indie author?

Ooh…starting with the tough questions! I think it started with how I became an author overall. I wasn’t a very happy child, always in my own world. When I was in high school, I found out I had depression but nothing helped me with my mood swings – and they could be BAD. So…one counselor told me to write down what I am feeling at the time of a particularly bad swing. I couldn’t do it so I made up a character and wrote it as her.

It worked.

After that, I couldn’t control the emotions or the stories that formed in my head. It was constant. This was when I was around 12 or 13. I’ve been writing, honing my skills, ever since. Last year, a good friend of mine died. It was a stark reminder of how precious life is and I was getting any younger. I put my foot down and started editing hardcore on one of my many manuscripts lying around the house. I decided the best way to do it was to independently publish after being told by a few publishing houses that I needed to wait in order to be “considered”. I knew what that meant so I looked into publishing myself and I was impressed with it. I then introduced myself to the online community of indie publishers, authors, bloggers etc and haven’t looked back since.

2. Why do you write paranormal romance? What about the genre appeals to you so much?

I’ve always loved the genre of paranormal. It’s something that everyone has thought about at one point in life. Is it true, are there really other things out there? It’s a world we can explore in detail in novels. Readers enjoy escaping reality which they can’t control and stepping into a world where bills and work aren’t a factor. I think as a writer, I enjoy being able to control an aspect of life, because in reality, I can’t control when the bills are going to hit or how much it will cost to get to work etc. It’s exciting, I can create the rules to the world and that makes it more exciting.

3. What inspires your novels?

This is going to sound so cliché, but it’s true. My dreams. All of my characters come from dreams. It usually starts with a scene that plays in my head over and over again, and my characters prod me until I write it down. I take it from there. That scene can be in the middle of the novel or at the end, and it stems from there. I never write down an outline because it never stays that way. It just flows.

4. When you think about your novels, who is your favorite character and why?

My favourite character is from my upcoming novel, Uprising, which is out in June. Her name is Lilith and she’s a badass with no room for emotion. She knows what she wants and she gets it.

She’s also a bit of a smartass to boot.

5. You write erotica under a pen name. Why did you decide to use a pen?

I wanted to separate it from my other work which is written under my actual name. Although my paranormal novels have a certain aspect of erotica in them, the erotica I write under the name Kandie Stixx is not paranormal and I needed a distinction between the two. Not every reader likes every genre so I didn’t want to confuse my paranormal readers with thinking they had to love my other work as well.

6. Tell us about your current project?

My current project is editing Uprising and Kendra. I will then move on to edit my novel Stormblaze which I am hoping will be out around October this year.

Uprising is the second book in the Fallen from Grace series and centres around Lee and Chael whereas Book 1 centred around Faye and Ace. It follows on from Fate, which means readers will need to read Book 1 first.

Kendra is about a woman who is fed up with relationships and wants to focus on work. That is until new boss Chad arrives. The sexual tension between them is explosive but she’s not prepared for what happens next…

7. Do you have one or two themes that you come back to in your books?

Not really…although all my novels I have planned for Kate Bonham – Author are connected. It won’t be obvious until a little later though 

8. What is a piece of advice you’d give to other writers who want to publish?

Don’t ever give up. It’s hard and sometimes you feel like it’s for nothing but that feeling of holding your very own novel in your hand or seeing your name up on Amazon with your book is amazing. No words can describe. Join a few writing forums, groups and introduce yourself to other indie authors for help.

9. What is one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you?

Hmm…not sure. I know a lot of my readers were surprised to know I work full time at an investment bank. All my writing, pimping my books, editing and publishing is done in my spare time which is very limited. I try to fit takeovers into my weekends and blog whenever I can. It’s very hectic in my head 

10. Where can my readers find you on these interwebs?

I have several places I can be found. These are all checked on a daily basis.





E: theauthorwithin@outlook.com.au, kandiestixx@outlook.com, bleedingheartblog@outlook.com

Here are a couple author takeovers that Kate is hosting. (I may even pop in on one or both of them.) To learn they days and times, click on the links!

Kate Bonham – Author’s 1,500 Likes Giveaway
Kendra Release Party 

Here are some that she’ll be attending, but not hosting:

Passion Unbound
All Amity Allows
 Wynter’s War Book Release
 Relinquish Release Party 

http://penpaperpad.comKate was born and raised in Sydney, Australia with her two parents and two brothers. She was always a dreamer even as a teen when she would dream of the moment, while in Maths class, her knight in shining armour would come and rescue her from the tedious learnings of algebra and Pythagoras’ theorem. It was at that moment, she realised that if she wanted her knight to come through the door, she’d need to dream him up.

She’s been doing it ever since.

In 2014, she migrated north to the Central Coast of NSW where she lives with her most treasured items: laptop, high heels and countless meerkat figurines.

Fate, is the first novel written by Kate and the first in the Fallen from Grace series.


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Someone slipped me a lit

Hey y’all, how are you? I’m doing fan-tastic today! No April’s Fools Day jokes here, btw. Today I’m incredibly excited to be featured over at the Considerings blog for the Slip of the Lit. It’s a fantastic interview where I’m almost witty and I tell you guys a bit more about me. It’s the perfect way to kick-off poetry month for me. Click on the pic and be transported to a whole new world.

A Slip of the Lit Featured On

Speaking of poetry—up there on the right is my GoodReads giveaway for The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman. Enter it if you’d like. That would be really groovy of you. Good luck!


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Indie Author Spotlight: Poet Rheadreah’ Monet

I’ve know Rheadreah’ Monet for years. We first brushed elbows in Morgantown, WV. I thinks she’d came to Tha.Speakeasy- an monthly spoken word even I used to host. When she walked up on that stage, cute dimples and attitude, the things she would say! She stopped the house. She shook the chambers. Her reach felt infinite and I knew before long I would hold her book in my hand.

Days slide quickly in this time, but yet here we stand. Me with my gray hairs shining, and her with that dimple still giving a sly wink. She’s written a book that is as controversial and raw as I knew it would be. She’s gone home to poetry and I don’t think she’ll ever leave. “The Birds, The Bees and the Boudoir” is her 10 years in the making poetry collection that touches on all things carnal, but with a deeper messsage.

But don’t let me tell you.

Watch my video with Rhea and learn more.





And be ready for my part in the first release of another friend of mine’s poetry collection, debuting on Valentine’s Day. So fitting.

Aloha y’all! 

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