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Peace in Solitude (A Poem)


Doesn’t this feel peaceful to you?

Sometimes I feel the most at peace when I’m by myself and I’m allowed to just be quiet. Unplugged from the Internet, no family dramas, no relationship saga, just…alone.

Peace in Solitude
My heartbeat keeps pace
with waves crashing
against shoreline’s soft curves.
Like the twist in my hip
and my lip’s line.
Birds sing out to me
an invitation to sit.
Be still.
Breeze picks up ocean’s mist,
brushing my eyelids
with tender kisses.
I let the world slide
away for a moment.
Bills quiet to a murmur,
my aspirations, inspirations
and presumed failures muted.
In the background.
Just me and the life-force
throbbing in my fingertips,
uniting me
with the wind.
with the world.
Toes burrow in sand
Planted firmly in terra firma,
my roots connected to this moment.
I sigh.

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