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Revenge of success (A Poem)

http://penpaperpad.comRevenge of success

Shadow cast
wavering in the sun.
Scrub grass patchy and dry.
Heat didn’t touch her.
Her moment.

Dior sunglasses masked
her eyes.
Nothing could hide
the slight curve to her

The headstone nearest to her
crumbling from neglect.
She threw the rose
into the fresh grave.
Soft thud
on pinewood casket.

Turned on her Manolo heels
and effortlessly strolled away,
Sliding into the open
limo door.
The sole survivor.

Hello! Welcome to Creative Buzz Hop #34. This week the buzzword is revenge. If you have a post that talks about revenege, then please link it up. If you don’t and want to join in the fun, please do. There’s always room for one more at this hop! These doors will be open until Saturday, so c’mon over.

Here’s how:

1. Write something creative, or use an old post. Either about the buzz word revenge or something of your choosing.
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Link up with the prompt Revenge! Remember, it’s OPTIONAL.

Next week’s CreativeBuzz word is Excitement! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for that one.
Aloha y’all!


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Spidercracks in the Windshield (A Poem)

Autumn is the harbringer of so much. It’s the season leading into the winter’s cold arms. It’s the one where the animals (human and otherwise) start storing their nuts for the winter. Preparing for that snow, or in the case in the islands potential tsunamis and other inclement tropical weather.

If a person’s age was expressed in terms of seasons: birth to tween/teen would be Spring, late teen to early 30s Summer, mid-30s to late 50s autumn, 60s+ winter. This is of course completely unscientific and if you don’t agree, feel free to tell me how you feel in the comments below. I however, do feel like I’m living in the autumn of my life. And today I was down a bit, and this poem has been in my head for a few weeks, so it was the perfect time to record. Please forgive me for my stuffy nose.



This post will be shared around a bit. (It may be ab it slutty in its old age) It’s going to be on:












And of course this week’s The Creative Buzz Hop! This week Michelle at Muses for the Deep and myself decide it was time for another freewrite. Express yourself without a theme.  If you have any suggestions for future themes let us know. Let’s make this as much fun as possible!



Here’s the rules to participate.

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  2. Create content: Poetry, essay, humor, horror, photograpy, video, underwater woven basket, whatever fits your fancy.
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  5. Read at least one other person on here and leave a comment. Everyone loves comments.



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Lost inside a paperbag (A Poem)


This looked like a nightmare to me…

Dreams have been lauded for centuries to holding the key to your future. If you interpret the dreams just right, you can find your fortune. You can find yourself. What if your dreams play out like a record stuck on repeat, showing the same images each night? Would you lose yourself?


Lost Inside a Paperbag

He limped,
the right couldn’t keep up
with the left.
Hands clenched at his side,
concealing his long sharpened nails.
Slipped down to the corner store,
Knew what he’d find inside.
He just needed a nip,
A taste.

He never finished what he started,
Lost the race before
it was done.
Burying his dreams
in the bottom of the bottle.
Forty ounces of freedom.
He bought two.
Just to be on the safe side.
Malt liquor
gets you there quicker.
Fished changed from his pocket.
Quarters, nickles and dimes
roll on the counter.

The left sleeve of his fatigue
Pinned to the shoulder.
A reminder of why he
avoided his dreams.
The past screamed during the nighttime,
It roared.
It held the dreamer with its
spiny fingers
Giving no quarter.
A car backfired in the distance,
he fought the instinct to
find cover, and kept shuffling home.


This is an entry for the Creative Buzz Hop. This week’s Buzz word is dreams. Feel free to link up with a post about dreams, interpreting it any way, whether it’s via poetry, an essay, photographs, etc.

To participate in this hop, you simply have to do the following:

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Please check out the other pieces linked up about superheroes. Aloha y’all!


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