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Self-Compassion for the Holidays | 1000 Speak for Compassion

It’s that time of year when everyone is more concerned with their loved ones, peace on Earth, and our fellow man. I love that you can feel it in the air. I enjoy seeing Christmas lights and menorahs in windows. The general feeling is beautiful.



There’s another side to the holiday season. There’s a hustle and bustle. Making sure to buy the right presents, to have the perfectly pinable holiday dinner, the cutest family greet cards. There’s an inexplicable urge to be the family, whether it’s quirkiest, funniest, or most loving. The perfect representation of *insert ideal here.* This isn’t a universal truth, of course. I’ve just noticed it and thought about it.

I feel like that myself sometimes in different aspects of my life.

I was thinking a lot last week about the pursuit of perfection and how the mistakes I make are magnified by a thousand in my mind. Though most people probably don’t see them unless I point them out. And I gave myself permission to stop. To just be. To feel what I needed to feel, to step back a few steps, and just breathe.

I urge you, my dear reader, to give yourself permission to be as imperfectly wonderful as you are. To enjoy the holiday season without putting undue pressure on yourself. Be in the moment and enjoy yourself. Give yourself the give of self-compassion and love.

You deserve it.


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