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Q&A with Beth Teliho (VIDEO)

You may remember me chatting with Beth before on here in the text way. Here’s that link.

This month, Beth is my guest on YouTube. We chatted about her book—which is a booming success and you should read it if you haven’t already–her future as a writer and giving newbie writers like us advice.


Aloha y’all! 

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Q&A with Beth Teliho | Indie Author Spotlight

Indie Author Spotlight 2

Beth Teliho is a writing maven who’s storming the world with her first book Order of Seven, currently available for pre-order. (Release date is April 7th, btw.) She is taking a stop here to tell us about herself. I first met her through her blog- Writer B is Me. Her self-deprecating humor, spot-on observations and honest vulnerability drew me in immediately. I’m so very happy to share her new work with you.

First about the book:



Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, an inexplicable attachment to a certain tree and a psychic ability she’ll never understand—unless she finds her biological parents.

Things take a shocking turn when she meets Baron, an intense and alluring energy healer who receives prophetic dreams which all seem connected to her. Devi must rely on an empath, a seer, and Baron to help research her roots to discover who she is and what she is capable of. But when Baron’s visions lead to an ancient legend which may link to her birthright, Devi learns her gift is more imperative than she thought imaginable.

Equal parts suspenseful and sexy, philosophical and adventurous, Order of Seven delivers a story that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the hands that carry fate.  


Now let’s have a little chat with Beth. Grab your coffee or tea.

Tell us your origin story—how did you come to be an Indie Author?

In 2011, I took a writing course at our local college because I’d had a late-in-life epiphany that writing was my soul and I wanted to learn the ins and outs. The last class of the semester was devoted to traditional and self-publishing options: how to go about it and what to expect. On my drive home that night, I already knew I had no interest in pursuing the traditional route. It’s great for some people, but I knew it wasn’t for me. I want to be behind the steering wheel in all scenarios, from deciding when to release the book, to how I want the chapter headings, to the cover design. And plus, I just love the word Indie, don’t you? There’s something inherently visionary and rebellious about it.

Why do you write YA paranormal? What about this genre appeals to you? Do you plan to write other books in different genres in the future?

Funny, I never set out to write a novel geared toward young adults specifically, but the main character, Devi, happens to be eighteen. I just wrote the story in my head. Order of Seven is also categorized under metaphysical & visionary, because there are deep, philosophical themes in addition to the other elements (mystery, suspense, romance, angst) that any age can appreciate, so it was important for me not to alienate the 25 + demographic.

As for the paranormal/fantasy genre? Most of the stories I write are paranormal because I love all things weird, creepy, fantastical and out of the ordinary. It’s how I’m wired. At this time, I can’t envision writing a novel in a different genre, BUT, I also think my writing journey has only just begun and I’d be naïve to think I might not jump into other areas.

 Your blog is such a huge reflection of your personality and life. Is there a memoir in your future?

Oh lord no. I splash enough of myself on the blog. I should probably stop now. haha

What is a piece of advice you would give to people, who are just starting their writing journey?

Don’t try to do it alone. I know writing is incredibly isolating, but you might as well stick it in a drawer and forget about it if you don’t have people reading it and providing feedback. A novel takes a village. Find your village and keep moving toward your goal. (Here’s a post where she gives advice to aspiring writers, btw.)


What is one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you?

Oddly, this is the most difficult question you asked! I guess my answer is that I’m a composting, rain-water-collecting, tree hugging, 95% vegan. The remaining 5% is mainly due to eating out a lot on weekends and vacations and it’s often challenging to find non-dairy options. #CheeseHappens


Where do you find your inspiration for your books/stories?

Oh gosh. Where do I not find inspiration? I ravenously devour (in a literary sense) books, magazines, and TV programs about science, nature, archaeology, history, and the paranormal. These subjects intensely spur my imagination. Also people: the hands of an elderly woman inspired a character a few years ago, and once I found a wooden box shaped like an elephant that gave me the opening scene of story.

Sometimes writers have a hard time accepting the label of “writer.” Did you struggle with that?

It’s getting easier now that I have something tangible to show for it. I genuinely believe that if you write, you’re a writer. It doesn’t take being published to prove that; however, there was still a part of me that never told people, because inevitably their next question would be, “Can I read your work?” and my answer was no. Unless they’re reading my blog – which is not for the uptight – I had nothing to back up that title and it flustered me to no end.

How do you stay motivated on your writing journey?

The support of my family and friends is an enormous motivator. Aside from that, I try to keep my eye on the prize: producing novels for others to read. Because stories.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your Indie Author path?

Reach out to authors who’ve done it before you. You’d be surprised how generous they are with their time and knowledge, and it makes it infinitely easier if you to have some guidance.

Where can my readers find you on these interwebs?

Visit the Beth at her website: www.bethteliho.me
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/writerbisme
Twitterverse: http://twitter.com/beth_teliho
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/bethteliho


bio pic


BETH TELIHO is a writer, artist and tree hugger who lives in Texas with her husband and two adventurous sons. Restless in the mundane, she writes about the abnormal, paranormal and otherwise fantastical because that’s what quickens her heartbeat. She laughs at inappropriate jokes, and prefers spicy food and margaritas to almost anything. One day, she hopes to live in a treehouse, where she can be an eccentric introvert with at least seven cats.

Visit the author at her website: www.bethteliho.me


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