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Sexual Assault of a mother to her son

Birth Mother Sex

I write for Indyposted.com. I was reading the headlines and this one made the coffee in my stomach rebel.

Aimee L. Sword Gets 9 Years for Having Sex with Son

Aimee L. Sword had sex with her biological 14 year old son, and will now face at least 9 years behind bars. Sword had given her son up for adoption, then found him years later on the internet. Sword could face up to 30 years in prison. Indyposted.com

Are you kidding me? And it sounds like as part of her defense, she said they had only had sex once. What?! Does that even matter?

My understanding is that she had given him up for adoption and had received updates on his life. She had stopped receiving updates and found him on Facebook. He started staying with her because he was having issues at home.

I don’t even know what would prompt someone to have sex with their kid. Regardless of whether you’re in his life every day, or just met him today…Why? Mental illness? Crazy narcissism–somehow having sex with him, was like having sex with herself? It makes me very angry to see someone abusing a child, who was obviously at a vulnerable spot and needed some extra guidance- some help.

The kid was 14 years-old! As a woman in my 30s, let me tell you, 14 year old boys aren’t of interest to me. I can see how they’re cute, or will be cute when they get older, or even the old,”If I were 14, I’d be so ‘in love’ with that kid.”

She has five other children, ranging in age up to teen. Is this part of a pattern of behavior? If investigated, will there be more allegations of sexually assault and sexual misconduct?

How is this going to change the way this child feels about himself? About women? About his mothers? About sex? She’s changed the course of this young man’s life, and for what? Let alone how this is effecting his adoptive parents and her husband and children. I’m placing the blame of this on her, because as an adult, she is responsible for knowing right from wrong.

What do you think about this? How do you think this could potentially effect future mothers who give their children up for adoption being in the lives of their biological children?


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