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My fave PenPaperPad posts for 2013 (Video)



So, everyone is doing that obligatory best-of wrap-up, with their resolutions for the new year on the side. Well, here’s my five posts that I’ve enjoyed the most, and a vlog telling you about my plans for 2014. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. Here’s to making 2014 into the best year yet!


I wrote about being a Black writer in a post-racism society. I think the term “post racism” is a bunch of bunk. Saying everything is okay for people of color because there’s a black president is like saying everything was fine for women after they got the vote. 

I talked domestic violence, and a terrible tragedy for the blogging community at large and the world in general.

I tried to figure out if it was a bad thing that I don’t really seem to have hobbies.

I wrote a poem for my Mom about how she would indulge my crazy writing brain.

I even asked you guys what you think about smut. Then a few weeks later, I tried my hand at writing it. Foreshadowing in life? Does that happen?

Oh yes, and this:

Hope your 2014 is an epic tale of awesome that your family will be talking about for generations!

Do you have goals for 2014?

Aloha y’all!

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