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Nurtured bites (A Poem) | #1000Speak

Nurtured bites
She rested against the locker,
cold metal pressed against her back
hunter green like her thrift store Army jacket.
She wondered if someone had worn it in war
and if they’d been on the winning side.

Head on her knees
she tried to breathe deep
like her mama’s newest guru
taught her. Breathing was a gateway
to her chakras, which seemed clogged
but she thought maybe they were just hungry.

Sharp pain in her ankle,
dark laughter and footsteps racing
down the hall. She hadn’t bothered to
look. They were all the same.
She was always their target practice.
The weak ostracized from the pack.
The gazelle.

Tears burned the back of her eyes,
Waiting to be freed.
She swallowed them down.
On today’s lunch menu:shame.
Then something changed,
Shadow above her
Seen through her hair curtain.

Teacher lowered herself quietly.
Legs crossed at the knees.
She reached into her satchel,
that matched her shoes perfectly,
pulled a sandwich and
passed it to the girl.
“Want to talk about it?”

The girl shook her head.
Not today.
Maybe she would next time.
That sandwich seemed fill her
With hope.
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Nurturing has to start somewhere. Sometimes it can be as small as a person consistently being there.

It’s time for the #1000Speak linkup. This month’s theme is “Nurturing.” If you’d like to participate, feel free to linkup.

If this is all new to you, watch this video.It tells you the backstory of the 1000 Speak for Compassion campaign.


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What compassion means to me


When I tried to write what compassion means to me, I had the hardest time. What amounts to a potential high school essay, I deleted and rewrote numerous time.

Maybe I didn’t say enough. Or I said too little.

I thought about telling you a story, but I couldn’t narrow down to a single event that would tell you what compassion looks like to me. (Strange, a storyteller not having a story to tell.)

I just have to tell you the best way I know how without a pretty polish or a spoon full of sugar.

To me, compassion is not pity or sympathy, which is just pity-light. It’s not a selfish act or emotion. It doesn’t involve somehow “proving” what a good person you are.

It’s the willingness to meet someone where he is. To not judge. To understand that you don’t get it.

You honestly don’t.

You may have had some similar situation happen. That’s entirely possible. Yet…

You don’t know everything he’s gone through. You don’t know what brought him to your door. His Truth is real. For this person, it’s a tangible thing he lives with.

He may not have handled the situation the way you would. He may have just dealt with it the best way he knew how, which maybe led to a negative outcome.

Don’t dismiss him because he made mistakes. Or his recovery is taking longer than yours. It matters. It happened. He’s a person.

People in general have a huge capacity to harm each other. We can be hurtful and thoughtless without meaning or with a fiery purpose. I know I’ve been too harsh. Sitting on my throne built on, “If you would just do xyz, you wouldn’t be like this.” and “How does anyone get into this situation?” Entirely too quick to judge.

This extends to my views of myself.

I’m such a mess. I’m a deeply flawed human being who consistently makes mistakes. I jump, misjudge the distance and fall short all too often. If we wore our inner scars on the outside, I would be a torn motley quilt of messily stitched patches, hurriedly sewn together with imprecision and decidedly lack of forethought.

I’m the embodiment of the bull in the China shop of life.

And that’s ok. Even as this imperfect patchwork, I have to recognize my value with my flaws. I must know myself, what I bring to this world and remember what I’ve overcome to get here. To not judge myself too harshly.

Before feeling that compassion for others, we must first give it to ourselves. Oh Ru Paul you were so right–

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

We have a huge capacity to love. There’s no limit to that metaphorical human heart. It pulses with beauty and hope. You can see it in the way the quiet elegance of the tides ebb and flow, the twinkle in your Mom’s eye when you give her a surprise visit and the giggles of a child playing with his puppy. It’s everywhere.

By giving that compassion to ourselves and others, we can tap into that heart. Make it stronger.

I urge you to join this movement of #1000Speak. Shed light to your corner of the internet. Together, we’ll make it shine like a clear summer’s night sky. Beautiful.

If you’re wondering what #1000Speak is, check out this video we made:

If you write a post, link it up here:


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Let’s break the internet with compassion!

You know, I don’t often ask y’all to take part in things. I’m not a big one on “joining” things myself. But sometimes, it’s just worth it. Over the last couple of months, if you were checking out my Facebook or even reading some of my poetry on here, you probably noticed that the world was bringing me down. A lot. I was feeling helpless and hopeless. I think a lot of people were feeling that way. With so many bad things happening, it’s hard to keep a positive outlook.

Well, my friend Yvonne came up with this marvelous idea. And I had to become involved. So, I helped make this collaboration video. The idea is simple. But some of the most simple ideas are the ones that can leave an indeligible mark. Get 1000 bloggers, vloggers, writers, singers, photographers–people— all over the world, to take a stand on February 20th and just try to “break” the internet with compassion. Flooding the waves with all the good vibes possible. I’m here for it. I have a feeling you might be too.

You folks who’ve stuck around (and the new ones who have been coming to the fold) I invite you all to join this movement. Check out the video that tells a little more and then tell me what you think in the comments.


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