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Dear readers with each of these interviews, it feels like the stakes get a little higher as we get closer to SINGULARITY‘S Aug. 1st release date. It’s time to meet a new-to-you character from SINGULARITY, a psychological thriller that I can’t stop talking to you about. I’ve read it my dears, and it’s that kind of creepy that makes you re-read pages–just to get that shiver down your spine. I loved this book and that’s why I’m taking you down the rabbit hole that is Jessica B.Bell. If this is all new to you, start here at the beginning. And remember to stay for the trailer at the end. It keeps the fires going.

SINGULARITY was written by Helena Hann Basquiat with Sara Litchfield, Sandy Ramsey, Lizzi Rogers, and Hannah Sears. It’s a companion piece to JESSICA, which was released last year. (It’s not required reading, but I urge you to pick it up.) Jessica B. Bell is the brain child of Helena Hann-Basquiat, but she’s somehow pushing beyond just the stretches of the imagination. She wants to be more.

SINGULARITY asks us the question:
What happens when the creation surpasses the creator? How far will Jessica go to be real?
SINGULARITY description:
An unspeakable act of violence leaves the residents of Ward C, home of a secret experiment, dead — torn apart.
There is only one survivor…A couple of years ago I started writing horror stories and Jessica was born. I had fun creating a twisted and ominous biography for her, painting a picture of some crazy hermit who lived in my basement and wrote stories on old parchment using her own blood for ink.
But she was never real. It seems that Jessica has taken on a life of her own, and so I’m going to do what I should
have done a while ago. 
I am going to kill Jessica B. Bell.
Today we have Lizzi Rogers discussing her character, Liza. My questions will be in purple.
Alright, let’s dig into this. It’s a bit hard to talk about these characters without getting too spoilery, but we’ll manage I think.


I should think so, after all, we *are* meant to be wordsmiths of epic propor…wait, do you really think we will?


We’ll need to channel some of Jessica’s tricksiness


I’m going to add “wordsmith of epic proportions” to something.


You wrote Liza didn’t you?


I did write Liza, though I didn’t know her name was Liza until I got a sneak preview of the whole OHMIGOSH YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT [censored – spoilers] and then discovered she’d been rechristened

OH! What was her original name?


I don’t recall that she had one, in all honesty. Ken, in the mysterious way that he does, gave me a very vague brief and outline for what he was hoping for, and then let me write free, before taking my rough-and-ready ideas and transforming them into something TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY [censored – spoilers].

You’ve been along for the Jessica ride since the beginning, haven’t you? How did you end up down her rabbit hole?

LizziI fell, face first into her…no, wait, that was the OTHER thing we…NVM! All down to Ken. Or Helena. One way or another she got caught up in my world, that beautiful, crazy Darkling, and somewhere between the poison pen letters and my determined application of duct tape, she decided to let me stay

And with good reason, I think. SINGULARITY was such a crazy ride to read. I’m excited that it’s available for preorder now. What was your method for writing Liza?

LizziOh geez, now you’re asking!
 Wait…this is an interview…of *course* you’re asking

LizziI took an event from fiction which really affected me (the accident at the beginning of The Horse Whisperer) and I imagined what could have happened if it had gone worse. That chapter is so transfixingly, powerfully awful that it’s stayed with me, and the horror I felt reading it for the first time still lingers at the edges of my mind

LizziThen I decided what could make it worse – and made it happen to poor Liza.

I mixed in some experiences I’ve heard recounted by survivors of terrible accidents, and bless her, she copped the lot. Then Jessica twisted my words and somehow managed to make them macabrely humourous as well as disgusting

LizziAnd then in the end, I wanted to almost Stockholm Liza to the thing which had damaged her so much – it had become a central part of her world and she was both completely terrified of it, and utterly addicted to it until in the end she [censored – spoilers: pre-order it and you get it ASAP]

When I was initially introduced to Liza, I felt so sorry for her. After writing her and then reading her in the context of this amazing book–how do you feel toward Liza?

LizziOh gosh, she’s a precious little thing, isn’t she? The other reason I wrote her how I did is because I struggle so much with body image, and have often wondered whether if the outside were utterly disfigured, it would be easier to focus on inner beauty – or whatever – and I’m not sure whether in the end this came out in Liza, but I wanted the readers to be equally enchanted and repulsed by her, and to experience some of that dichotomy of dysmorphia.

Lizzi*whispers* if I use lots of big words with plenty of syl…slyll…sil…those things…will people fink oi’m clevah and that oi’m werf reading or sumfink?

Lizzi*channeling Penny*

I can’t say for sure, I’m pretty sure my readers just tolerate me to meet other writers like yourself. **thanks guys!**

Well, darling, I hope they’re all lined up ready to trample me half to death from love and admiration, for I do so adore to be validated…

Tell me a little about your writing process, Lizzi. How do you find those gorgeous words?
LizziAhhhh now that all lies in my inspiration, sweetness. My very favourite author in the world, whose writing is rich as dragon’s blood and packed with visuals which could make a photographer weep, is Gerald Durrell, whose writing I’ve consumed since I was very small
He’s not big into emotional language, like I am, and I love to explore the inner landscape, but the sensory impact of his writing is incomparable, and I try my best to emulate it

He sounds like a must read author.

LizziHe is. He’s possibly rather niche, because his books are autobiographical, and the ones I cut my teeth on were recountings of his childhood in Corfu, and how his love of animals caused some crazy, mixed-up, HILARIOUS situations, and perhaps for a fiction writer, they aren’t the most obvious muse
But to be fair, most styles of writing are grist to my mill, and I’ve used my sensory capability in erotic poetry, recently, to great effect

Fantastic! What would you say is your go-to to in the writing world? What are you most comfortable in writing?


Oh, myself. I’m known (in very small circles) for coining the ‘egocentric writing’ niche – most of what I write is about me, because I’m what I know best. Most of the time. Yaknow?
I get that.


I’m not the sort to box myself in. And I don’t watch the news, so there’s little point in trying to run social commentary on current events

LizziI don’t go out much and I don’t have a whole lot of ‘living’ under my belt – very few raucous anecdotes, but my brain is a fascinating playground and I love what I end up thinking and I just sort of assume (with the arrogance which comes with being an egocentric blogger) that other people will be similarly fascinated…

Well, I’m glad you stepped outside of the egocentric writing niche to add to SINGULARITY. What’s one thing you think the reader’s should keep in mind when delving into this rich landscape?

Thank you. I’m glad too – because when it comes to brains which are fascinating playgrounds, then I have encountered none better than that of our wonderful Dilettante. I want to lick Helena’s brain. And then Ken’s. And then I want to lick Jessica’s NVM! Where were we? What to keep in mind? For readers? Oooooooh, take NOTHING for granted, darlings. Not even the book in your hands (seriously – available for pre-order. Don’t get the e-version unless you have to, because the cover art is SU-FUCKING-BLIME and you are going to WANT to hold it in your hands. And smell it. And maybe rub it on you..NVM!)

With that dear readers, I think you have had a completely fun and fascinating look into the Liza and the author behind her. Thank you so much Lizzi for stopping by and telling us about her.
Lizzi *doffs cap and bows low* You’re very welcome – thank you for having me over to play smile emoticon

P.S. Dear Tamara (or Tata, as Facebook prefers to call her)’s readers – PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK – I just want to take a teeny tiny moment at the – PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK – end of my lovely interview to say what a thoroughly wonderful – PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK – and fascinating crowd you are. And I wonder if – PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK – any of you were astute enough to pick up on the – PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK – fact I’ve been sending you subliminal messages? 


(Did she mention it’s available for pre-order?)

Lizzi is a Deep Thinker, Truth-Teller and seeker of Good Things. She’s also silly, irreverent and tries to write as beautifully as possible. She sends glitterbombs and gathers people around her – building community wherever she can.Lizzi is a founder member of Sisterwives and #1000Speak, and hosts the Ten Things of Thankfulbloghop each weekend.Facebook * Twitter * Google+ * Pintrest


Here’s the next trailer in our SINGULARITY lineup. This gives you a peak into Liza’s fiery obsession.


Add SINGULARITY to your Goodreads want to read list. Is available for PREORDER now!


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  1. This interview was like a piñata breaking and spilling all kinds of yummy goodies all over the place for all to grab and enjoy! T.A, you are such a fabulous interviewer always asking interesting and deep questions! 🙂

    Lizzi, I cannot wait to meet Liza. You really have a gift with words – they seem to just flow effortless from that rich and imaginative brain of yours to your pages. Wait, is it available for pre-order? LOL. xoxoxo

  2. It sounds like you took on the toughest job in Singularity, Lizzi. How did you burrow into a (maybe not likable) character on the surface and find ways to treat her with empathy?

    • I think in many ways, because I started with a snapshot of her burning – I never knew her before then, and I didn’t have a feeling (or a judgement) about her personal history, only that she was hurting so badly – and that allowed me to stay outside the normal build up of tension and trustration about a character. She was a blank page, before I got to her.
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