Silly Suzie’s Grin- A Children’s Poem

A children's poem about accepting sadness.

Silly Suzie lived in the valley,
Where daisies and dogwoods did grow.
She ran far and wide
over the countryside
Smile everywhere she’d go!

“Look at her,” the neighbors said.
“Grinning from here to there,
her smile’s so big,
singing songs all day
Let’s hope her smile
Never goes away.”

But one day it did,
much to her chagrin.
Suzie’s scowl fierce and dark.
Long gone was her grin
leaving the valley she lives in
alone in the dark.

She looked for her grin
under her chin,
down by the river with the frogs.
In the early morn’s sun,
And late at night with the fog.
Serious Suzie looked here,
Serious Suzie looked there.

“Mama!” she cried,”I’ve looked everywhere!”
“How can I find my grin?”

Her mama sat her down
beside her on the ground
and pointed up to the sky.
“Today the sky is blue,
the sun is shining bright.
Tomorrow it may be raining.
But we know it’ll be alright.
The sun will come again.
You don’t always have to grin.
Being unhappy isn’t bad.
Just remember like a rainy day,
It won’t always feel so bad.”

She gave her daughter a hug,
kissed her cheek
and left her there
for a think.

Suzie tossed the thought around
Decided it was sound
Figuring there wasn’t much to do.

She decided to stop looking under logs
And behind the barn house door
No more checking in the tree house
Or in her puppy’s snore.

She didn’t know where it was,
or where it might have been.
But when it felt like coming back,
Suzie would find her grin.

This poem was written in response to The Reverie Journal‘s weekly prompt to try to write a children’s poem.


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8 Responses to Silly Suzie’s Grin- A Children’s Poem

  1. Rachel

    I am utter awe of the way you are able to write poetry. It’s a journey every time I read one. Loved this so much!

  2. Awwww that’s so cute. I suck at children’s poetry, but this was fun.
    Laura A. Lord recently posted..Serin: Featured PoetMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      I had fun with this one. I’m definitely not great at writing this kind of poetry, but it made me smile. So it was worth it.

  3. Very nice, I liked it
    Jo-Anne recently posted..Monday’s RamblingsMy Profile

  4. Cute poem!
    Sarah Honey recently posted..This is ChildhoodMy Profile

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