And into the rabbit hole (Fiction)

I’ve started a bit of short story scene here. The story begins with a girl working at the Ministry taking care of all paper documents, reading a book when she’s literally drawn into a map. Read last week’s bit to see what happened.

It’s dystopian, with heavy leanings in fantasy.

Without further ado: The Map2

The yelling, the pages, the bookshelves, the floor dissipated. She could no longer feel her body. Sense of self was disappearing. No light here, no sound, only energy. Dark, hot, pulsating energy. Yet, she still held his hand, she could feel his pulse through her fingers, into her own body. Desire. Sex. Anger. Her nerve endings crackled to life, her synapses firing and firing again. So this was pleasure. So many emotions raging through her bloodstream, her teeth bared-prehistoric lioness lost in space. She’d never felt so alive before, which was the height of irony, when she was most certainly dead.

Then the rushing sound filled her head again. The darkness thinned and brightened, until the sky was below them, and they were falling through it. They hurtled toward dark skies and the deafening sounds of brick and mortar exploding. It was a war-torn world. Black smoke and explosions were not far in the distance. Buildings were blackened with soot, those that still stood firm. Others had been laid flat, a smoking column or two the only evidence that they’d been there.

Why weren’t they falling faster? She looked up, her arm stretched above her head; her hand clutching the map. She realized her co-worker held the other end. The map billowed out like a parachute. The closer they were to the ground, the worse it looked. The landing was fairly graceful, as though they had fallen into unknown points in reality everyday.

He pulled it out of her hands and the thing seemed to shrink up to a normal map size. He started off in a sprint, heading toward the fire fight.

“Where are you going?” she yelled, trying to keep up. Though she stayed within the daily allotted caloric intake requirements, she had never been a swift runner. That trait was not part of her genetic coding.

“We have to head to the Ministry of Misappropriations and undo this,” His voice was a deep baritone, resonating somewhere deep inside. She’d always known he would sound like that.

“Wait!” she pulled on his jacket, forcing him to fall back. She tugged toward the back of the nearest building, behind a building which may have been a house at one point, but was now a smoking pile of rubble.

His eyes snapped with impatience, “What is it, we have to go.”

“Go where?” she said. “Where are we going?”

He rolled his eyes, “Well, that’s why we have the map, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

He pursed his lips and spoke a little slower, as though addressing a particularly dimwitted acquaintance. “The map always tells you where you need to go,” he said. “It’s fool-proof.”

Her eyes widened, “Regardless of the place and time?”

“Yes, that’s totally irrelevant. I’m holding the map, I want to go to the Ministry, and it will show me how to go.” Why should any of this surprise her now?

She frowned again. “But you weren’t looking at the map.

“I don’t need to.”

tricks of the tradeHe looked down, and she did too, and gasped softly. The map had a trick that she hadn’t known of before. A tangle of red and green wires, matching the gems had embedded themselves into a portal in his wrist. The portal that was normal used to download the Ministry’s Daily Digest and other bits of information. At least for her port.

“How did you know-?”

He shook his head impatient again. “We don’t have time for this. Follow me, run fast, be careful. We’ve got to fix what we’ve done to time.”


He started running again, like the wings of a devil were planted on his feet. She struggled to keep up with him, avoiding the people scrambling for cover, and the debris on the ground.

He ran like a wild thing, gracefully jumping over obstacles as if they weren’t there. Bred to run, she thought bitterly. And I always thought it was great that my intelligence was the greatest strength.

“There they are!” she heard the shout from behind her. She looked over her shoulder, stumbling a bit. There were 10 Ministry continentals dressed in black on running at a breakneck speed. Toward her. Normally, she would be ignored by them or have a short pleasant exchange. But she didn’t think today was the day for that as they pulled out their silver weapons, catching the light even in this dismal landscape.


So that’s the bit for this week. What did you think? Let me know in the comments. Should I keep going with it?


Aloha y’all!


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  1. Well, you got us this far in! We have to keep following! You can’t leave them (and us) out there without finishing the story!!
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