Public wicked games (A Poem)

It started with stolen kisses.
Midnight meetups
street lights flicker across trimmed lawns
and nosy little brothers were tucked in
“Action figure” clutched to chest.

Behind the bleachers during the big game,
elicit touches
Hands firmly over blouse.
jumping when it sounds like someone
walking down the metal stairs
could catch them.

Backseat made for two.
Tinny sound from speaker
Hand cups mound under sweater
Ignored popcorn and pop.
This week’s latest movie,
flickers on the white screen.
Foggy windows.

Fingers skimming across bare thigh
Glasses clink together.
Diners murmur backdrop
booth hides wandering fingers
playing hide and seek under skirt
Guitarist softly strums in background
Legs fall slightly open
While he quietly plays her.

Long oak table,
Associates face room’s front,
narrowed eyes focused.
PowerPoint new merger, charts, figures flies
He shifts, and then he feels it.
Slightest stroke
Against his thigh.
Something stirs inside him
He tries to school his face to solemn stare.
as his zipper slowly lowers.



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5 Responses to Public wicked games (A Poem)

  1. Loved this and the topic really intrigued me!! I’m a little wicked myself so I had to add my two cents worth!! Another wonderfully delicious poem by you!! I’m like Lizzi, I felt I was witness to something I shouldn’t have been but then again I can remember acting like that myself in my younger wilder days!!
    Melissa Senecal recently posted..How wicked are you?My Profile

  2. Holy fucking wow.

    Just. That.
    The Insomniac’s Dream recently posted..This Old HouseMy Profile

  3. Feels like your word should’ve been voyeuristic, T 😀
    Considerer recently posted..An Unexpected (and completely wonderful) MuseMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      They’re planning games in public, but they’re not trying to be caught. It’s their secret dirty game.

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