Living the Dream? A poem

handBecause times are tough,
but the drinks run fast and free.
There is more to life than just
tumblr, tweets and forgotten algebra homework.
Getting called out by the RA
for playing music too loud.
He won’t find that out though.
He won’t see the sun shine on his newborn’s face.
He won’t dance at his daughter’s wedding.
The special woman that he should’ve ended up with
won’t know that he was The One.

Things are confusing.

Because one night of revelry,
Abusing booze like it’s your job,
because it is.
You’re freshman year,
trying to fit in.
Be cool.
Be popular.
Number One party school.
That red solo cup is a gateway
To how the other side lives.
Fraternity row

What did you say there?
Was no a four letter word
Banned by the frat brats and sohos?
Dude, did you abide?
Trying to provide the other guys
A reason to let you in.
Staying out of their peripherals
Chugging, beer bong, ice luge
Maybe something more.
Just needed a way in.
Now your spirit has found a way out.


This poem is inspired by the case that’s happening at my Alma Mater. A Freshman boy was at a fraternity party and died for undisclosed reasons. No one really knows what happened. It’s all been speculation. There hasn’t been an official cause of death released to the public. It made me think of that damn song. You know the one. I would post it, but it deals more with suicide.

This was inspired by The Reverie Journal’s prompt for this week about drawing from news headlines. You should swing by there and see what poems have been offered up for the community vote of the week and vote.

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