Playing the race card is this alleged race card that people accuse minorities of playing? Is it hidden up my sleeve? Is it in a special deck that only people of color receive in the mail? Do we carry it around in our wallets to flash when we falsely accuse all the kind and benevolent people around us of discriminating against us? Why is it called “a race card” if someone points out discrimination? Why is it in this “post racism” society that pointing out when things have gone awry, the victim is the one who gets the brunt of the scrutiny still? Be ashamed for standing up for yourself, for recognizing when you’ve been wronged. By all means, be still. Be quiet. Don’t make someone else uncomfortable, and your feelings are unimportant. You do not matter. Just. Take. It. 

I’ve just heard of this card so many times, too numerous to count. If someone could send me one, that would be great. The next time I’m in a store and an employee is following me from aisle to aisle-not to offer assistance, just to watch me, I’ll be sure to pull the card. Or when someone makes a racist joke around me, and say that it’s ok because “You’re not really black,” I’ll pull out the card. The next time I’m walking down the sidewalk and I hear a line of cars locking their doors, I’ll pull out this card. The next time someone questions my being a work-ready individual because of the texture of my hair, I’ll pull out this damn card. I wonder how this phrase was invented. As though racism and discrimination is a joke. As though the struggle for equality is amusing.

I’m not laughing.

Aloha y’all

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