Peace in Solitude (A Poem)

Doesn’t this feel peaceful to you?

Sometimes I feel the most at peace when I’m by myself and I’m allowed to just be quiet. Unplugged from the Internet, no family dramas, no relationship saga, just…alone.

Peace in Solitude
My heartbeat keeps pace
with waves crashing
against shoreline’s soft curves.
Like the twist in my hip
and my lip’s line.
Birds sing out to me
an invitation to sit.
Be still.
Breeze picks up ocean’s mist,
brushing my eyelids
with tender kisses.
I let the world slide
away for a moment.
Bills quiet to a murmur,
my aspirations, inspirations
and presumed failures muted.
In the background.
Just me and the life-force
throbbing in my fingertips,
uniting me
with the wind.
with the world.
Toes burrow in sand
Planted firmly in terra firma,
my roots connected to this moment.
I sigh.

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20 Responses to Peace in Solitude (A Poem)

  1. Tamara, sorry that this is a little late in coming! This was utterly breathtaking and I love your thoughts. No. We certainly cannot live without peace, and the sad thing is that it takes us a lot of time to realize that! Sharing on the times with this week’s prompt.
    Michelle Liew recently posted..In gratitude for a lion’s heartMy Profile

  2. I love those moments, being unplugged and just being one with nature ~
    Grace recently posted..Season of autumnMy Profile

  3. I love my solitude..the internal cleansing. Moments with nature, the tranquility.
    ” Just me and the life-force
    throbbing in my fingertips,
    uniting me
    with the wind.” loved these lines..that oneness with the universe and nature
    Dorianna (paintswithwords) recently posted..Prison WallsMy Profile

  4. It is a peace comes of nature’s solitude. It is well to be in touch with nature, for the calm and introspective it provides, the inspiration for your piece.
    You paint your picture with a brush of many colors.
    Nicely done.

  5. I too enjoy moments of solitude when you can feel the gentle voices of nature..enjoyed your writing..
    Truedessa recently posted..Cash EyesMy Profile

  6. roots connected to the moment… and on the beach…a perfect place to find that inner rhyhthm again…

  7. Great writing. I am there.

  8. …Nothing like finding your self calm in real a solitude! With any intruder at halt…. Lovely
    Adamsmurphy recently posted..Procrastination..My Profile

  9. there is def a time for solitude and getting away from things…i usually do that by going into the woods for a hike or long walk among nature and the trees….just letting the world slide away…yes…
    brian miller recently!My Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      When I lived in West Virginia, it was either the woods or my Mom’s front porch. It’s a meet and greet spot for rabbits, deer, etc.

  10. Di

    Really enjoyed this…felt every word so calming love the idea of your peace and solitude buzz. Lovely!

  11. Beautiful – reminds me of my visits to Hawaii. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Heather recently posted..Mix’n Match Pumpkin Magnets: Toddler Busy Bag IdeasMy Profile

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