Part Three of Just One Night | The Past Burns Cold

It’s that part of the week where we get to visit the erotic adventure story Just One Night and see if Venise has gotten herself out of this mess. Feeling behind? Check out the link to Part Two or you can always start at the beginning at Part One.

Venise aka The Black Widow has been made, but by whom and why? Her list of enemies are longer than her hemline and it feels like things are just going to get more complicated. Who is the blue-eyed devil?

Just One Night Part 3


Here’s Part Three of Just One Night, “The Past Burns Cold”

It took a moment for her eyes to focus, wincing under the glare of the stark lights. He’s such a dark beauty. Dark hair, dark skin, but those blue eyes. There was a time when she would’ve done anything for a flash of approval from those blues. And to touch what she knew he was hiding under the lab coat. All sinew and steel.

“She’s not mine, is she?” Venise asked, trying for nonchalance. Her throat felt like it had been rolled in sand and deep fried. The man who’d changed everything. Who’d made her into the monster she was today.

Dr. Richard Estiban smiled. “It’s good to see that some things haven’t changed. You remember Evelyn was pregnant before you left, don’t you?”

“How could I forget? Only Evelyn would create a girl with that much…spirit.” Cruelty, she thought. If her face was made of glass, she was sure it would shatter. She was holding herself so still. Evelyn had played the part of friend and mentor so well. Evelyn who’d came in at the end of the act and stolen the show. And Venise had been left with playing bed games and spy wars.

“We’ll have plenty of time to catch up later. But now we have some business to attend to. We wouldn’t want anyone to disturb us for this.” He stood and walked away. She scanned the room. Definitely a laboratory of some sort. From her prone position, she could see shelves filled with bottles of varying sizes, folders and equipment that she hadn’t seen before. She was strapped down to a table. The bonds around her wrists and ankles were pretty secure.  She could clench and unclench her fists, nod her head, but that was about it.

Can’t just be a simple one night stand can it Venise? Oh no, always has to be complicated, she berated herself. You should’ve learned from that time in Montego. Sure you weren’t quite caught like you are now, but it was a situation. Of course Sean made it almost worth the hassle, she thought, brightening with the memory. He’d had such big muscles…and ambitions…and other things. The way he’d bent her over the maid’s serving cart in the hallway had been one of her hottest memories to date.

“What I wouldn’t give to know what you were thinking, dollface,” Dr. Dick’s voice startled her back into the present. She tried an awkward shrug.

“So Dr. Dick to what do I owe this pleasure?” she asked, as though they were at a cocktail party instead of his mad scientist domain.

“You’re the only person who could get away with calling me that,” he said. “Once. But things change Venise. Things change.” His voice hardened and those blue eyes looked like ice chips. She swallowed again, her throat so dry. She wanted so much to ask for something to drink, but that could lead to him doctoring her with anything at all. She had no control here and it scared the hell out of her. She focused on the task at hand. That’s what made her so good in the field. That and the blow jobs. She sucked a mighty fine…

“What do you want to know…Dick?” she said, drawing the word out like she was tasting him like she used to.

His nostrils flared slightly, but he wouldn’t be drawn in. A pity. The bonds could have led to something a bit more fun than just laying under that damn spotlight.

“Venise, I’ve been tracking your activity for years. And you’ve been a busy girl.”

She raised an eyebrow. She refused to let him know that she loved knowing he’d been tracking her. It’s almost like he cares.

“Wherever you go, you leave behind a trail of devastation and a lover or two.  You’ve floated through political and economic hot spots for over a decade: Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Afghanistan, the list goes on.  And we’re still not sure how you somehow managed to smuggle a monkey out of Morocco.”

“Oh yeah, Bubbles 2.0. He was a swell guy. Reminded me a lot of you actually,” she said. What was going on here?

He continued as though he hadn’t heard her,”Of course I was alarmed when you showed up at the premiere wedding of the century. We can’t have you destroying this merger. The bottom line is critical and certainly more important than one aging operative. What were you doing at the wedding Venise? Who are you working for?”

“Who is “we” Dick?” she asked softly. “Which shadow is hiding you today?” She hadn’t kept as close ties on him as he apparently had on her, but she knew from whisperings in the field that the shadow organization he was working for was dark and “didn’t exist” according to the U.S. government. Which meant he really had a pass to do whatever he wanted to her with no real recourse.

He ignored her question and brought a small black box out of his pocket. “The time for games is upon us Venise. You should have more feeling in your body now. Can you feel the nodes I placed in some of your more…delicate areas?”

She frowned in alarm, not being able to move was getting to be a problem.

“No? Here, I’ll help you find them,” he said twisting a nob. “Here is one.” She gasped, a warm heat trickled in from the back of her knee, making her thigh muscles twitch.

“Still can’t feel it? Let me turn it up for you,” he said, twisting the nob again. The pleasant heat increased in volume. It felt like her thigh was on fire. She held the tears back with pure grit and determination. This man knew her like no other did. And he knew exactly how to get what he wanted out of her. But this time, she didn’t have what he wanted.

“Perhaps now you’ll have something more than quips for me Venise,” he said, a slight smile on his face. He always did enjoy his job.

Oh no, oh no, she thought. This will not end well for me. I have to get out of here.


How will Venise escape? Will Dr. Dick reveal who he’s working with? And that little black box…how will this game turn out?

Thank you for reading the third installment of Just One Night. Each week, you’ll get another piece of the puzzle as you learn about “The Black Widow” and her shady past.

Here’s a sneak peek into Part Four:

His mouth tightened. “How did you get the invitation to come here, Venise?” 

“I received mail from my neighbor Edith Beltone, and decided to go on a lark. That’s all. If you’ve been watching me that closely. Then you know I love crashing weddings.” 

“What did you do to Edith Beltone?” He turned a different nob this time. One that was attached to a much more sensitive part of her body. She squirmed, if felt like something warm and pulsating against her clitoris. 

“What? I didn’t…I didn’t do anything,” she said, licking her dry lips. 

“She was one of our best operatives. And now she’s dead. And you’re here. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

Come back next Friday to see what will happens when he turns up the heat! 

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