Other People’s Kids-Theme Thursday

Or how a hillbilly gets really real for one minute.

I tried to take a smiling photo to send to my family and friends (and myself) to show them that I wasn't scared, and that surgery would be fine.

I tried to take a smiling photo to send to my family and friends (and myself) to show them that I wasn’t scared, and that surgery would be fine. Plus there was this thing that heated up my guerney, which is what I was showing. So fancy.

This week I decided to write a post for Something Clever 2.0’s Theme Thursday. Topic: Other people’s kids.

I was going to write something all funny and stuff about kids getting on my nerves and being glad that I don’t have any. However,  I’ve been writing/editing this damn poetry, and now my gooey nougaty center is all exposed. So yeah, scrap idea one. Here’s what’s up. Seeing other people’s kids…makes my heart twinge.

One of my poems I wrote is entitled, “The Child Who Never Was.” I discuss my fears of never being able to give birth. At this point it’s a toss-up. I had surgery in October. It was to get rid of all these damn fibroids that had taken root. It took all of winter for me to heal up, and I’m still not healed emotionally. I had too much time to think about “what-ifs” “maybes” and “Oh dear God it hurts to roll over.” However, I’m trying to live in the moment, and not dwell on it. The Mathemagician and I aren’t ready for babies yet, so why worry about it, right? (Yeah right. I inherited the worry gene from my Mom, along with my love for reading, and disdain for eating a lot of garlic.)

I honestly love other people’s kids. I miss my nieces and nephews (blood related and not).  They’re all special to me, and I want to give them all hugs n kisses. Strangers kids are cool. You know the cute giggly ones. Not the tired, cranky, stressed out, screaming, throwing themselves are the floor kids. Of course, at the point in the day, I’m sure they’re not that cute to their parents either. So if/when we decide to give the green lights to babies, I guess I’ll have to supplement my baby craving with my friends’ kids. (That sounds like I’m a horrible cannibal, who only likes to eat the young. If I were a cannibal, I’d totally be equal-opportunity.)

What do you think about other people’s kids? How does children influence your writing, if at all?

Aloha ya’ll


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  1. I used to love all kids almost no matter what. The older I got though the less and less I like other people’s kids. The exception being my nephews because I seriously think they’re some of the cutest, funniest, smartest kids around. (this probably bodes well for my future son.)

    Everyone else’s kids though? Yeah I could take them or leave them.
    Abigail recently posted..37 WeeksMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Lol. I think I’m getting more tolerant of annoying kids as I’m growing older, oddly enough. I would grumble so much about loud kids acting up in Walmart. I think I’ve somehow learned patience. At laest a little. Thanks for stopping by Abigail!

  2. Never cared for kids until I had them to be honest….liked cats better:) Now I have to like kids. Well, I LOVE mine, though sometimes they can get on my nerves too.
    Sandra Tyler recently posted..Mommy OgreMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      I’m definitely a cat person. I’d like to have one right now, but our apartment is about the size of a postage stamp. Even too small for a kittie.

  3. I feel I am more interesting having had children. Much like Katia, I can’t really remember what it was like to NOT be a parent. The only thing I do recall fondly is we got to see a lot of movies-in the theater!

    It is a struggle to find time to “do it all”. Today I worked all day, rushed home to cook supper, spend time with my kids, catch up on my blog’s comments and read Theme Thursday posts, finish my post for tomorrow, and get to bed on time. I’m still up…
    The Sadder But Wiser Girl recently posted..Theme Thursday: Kids (Mine, Yours, Theirs…)My Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      When I read your blog, I do wonder how you do it all! You seem like you’re always on the go, go, go. I definitely value having the freedom I do right now. Though we definitely should go out more. lol.

  4. Hi Tamara,

    I love my twin nieces too, and my God children. It’s fun to watch a kid grow! Thanks for sharing!

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks for stopping by Michelle. It is fun to watch them grow. I love watching children learn new things. Their eyes light up all shiny and excited. It’s fun. Too bad being a teacher isn’t my path. I don’t have the patience for a room full of kiddos.

  5. It’s an interesting topic. My older son is turning four in May and I almost can’t remember the times when I didn’t have children. I haven’t started blogging until I had my second one 6 months ago and it’s a constant challenge to find the time to do chores, to mom and to write. I think it’s great that you are establishing yourself as a writer right now rather than later in life.
    Katia recently posted..101 Ways (OK, make it 6) to Incorporate the Word Poop into a ConversationMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks for stopping by Katia! I can’t imagine the struggle of that balance. I’m glad I’m trying to do the writer thing now too. Maybe if/when we do have children, I’ll be able to modify an established routine? **note to self: establish a routine.**

  6. Most people don’t even think about it until it’s time, or too late. You’re not a worrier; you’re proactive! Good luck!
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 recently posted..Hell is Other ParentsMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks Jenn, that is a different perspective. I’m not a worrywart, I’m proactive. I like it. And thanks for hosting this blog hop. It’s a fun one! Even if my post did bring down the party a little lol.

  7. A very sweet post! Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Roshni recently posted..Awards and apologiesMy Profile

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