OctPoWriMo, The Reverie and a Poem


YouTube Famous

I thought I knew you.

You’d been there for me.

The relationship was easy.

You talked.

I listened.

But you weren’t really saying anything.

I liked the way your lips moved.

How your head tilted to the side

When you felt really sincere.

We never shared the same space,

But I was with you when (11)

You went to dinner,

When you broke up with your girlfriend.

When you played a joke on your best friend.

I thought we were connected when I

Posted that comment and you replied.

When I wrote that post and you reblogged.

When you asked for my number and

I sent it.

When you asked for nudes

And I sent them. (21)

I thought I knew you.

But these tears flooding my face

Tell me I’m wrong.

And these fears crowding my heart

Tell me I should’ve stayed strong.

I mattered only when I was a number on your screen.

Fame validated.

Can’t keep this secret.

Video recorded.

Truth Revealed

Hey everyone! The Reverie Poetry Journal. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it to you before. Last week was our first link up and it was amazing. We were really pleased with the response. So much talent! This week is to get you in the mood for OctPoWriMo–with the 31 lines of poetry challenge. (Because there’s 31 days in October. You get it.) Here’s more about that prompt here. I wrote this piece in response to that prompt. I can’t enter my link though, but you can enter yours! On Friday, everyone’s poem for the prompt will be linked up and Saturday folks can vote on their favorite. Sunday the winner will be revealed and we will promote the winner.


There’s also some other things going on at The Reverie Poetry Journal. We have a magazine that will come out twice a year. An anthology on an annual basis. And if you’d like to be featured on our blog on Wednesday, you should definitely let us know. These are all things that are explained over at the blog. You should check it out. If you know who are interested in poetry, send ’em over. So much going on, so much to share!

OctPoWriMo badge 2

It’s getting closer to October 1st. I’m going to be doing OctPoWriMo this year. What’s that? That’s when I try to write a poem every day for the month of October. I know some of you have been wondering if I’ll ever write poetry again. Yup, I was just concentrating on other things, because I knew this was right around the corner. I’ll be writing a weekly prompt for that challenge as well. I started this month in fact. Here’s a post I wrote about being a spoken word poet.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. I may expand on the poem more as a spoken word piece. Or I may record a video with a piece from my collection. Either way, you’ll be getting a video soon.

Hey are you following me on Twitter? I highly recommend it. I send out links about writing tips n tricks, interesting articles, poetry quotes, basically all the things. You can click over there in the sidebar to follow me if you aren’t yet.

Aloha y’all! 


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4 Responses to OctPoWriMo, The Reverie and a Poem

  1. Ooo, I like! I think this would make a fantastic spoken word poem. I have decided that for OctPoWriMo, I’m going to try to do one. Also, Hell is freezing over, I’ve learned to ice-skate, and I now have the patience of a saint.

    Laura A. Lord recently posted..Beautiful StrangerMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Oh you! I’m absolutely positive you should try it.
      Thanks, I’m thinking of polishing it up a bit and doing something with it. We’ll see…

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