New Year- New Me?

Nope, same old me. Sorry y’all. I don’t think I’ve ever been one to think that an extra number of the calendar meant I was going to totally reinvent myself. I just want to try harder on the things that I’m already doing. Not very revolutionary, but that’s ok. Change takes time and all the things I want to do won’t shake out in one calendar year.

But it can be a great start.

Here’s one thing I did. My new logo! What do you think? It’s featured on my newsletter and it’ll pop up in different places this year.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot of is just thinking about what I want out of my writing life. Out of this life, period. Puzzling things through and wondering what I was going to do. Where is my writing headed? Is the direction I’m going the path I’m intended?

Am I ever going to write on that blog again?

I started figuring some things out.

And then the bomb dropped in Honolulu. Or rather, it didn’t drop. And I got to thinking, probably too much about life and living it. And what I’m looking for out of this life. It’s so short. I think I needed that reminder. I don’t have the time to waste.

I’ve neglected you for far too long on this blog. I’m going to be visiting you much more often. I also have a newsletter that goes out every twice a month. Maybe more if something amazing is happening. I’m starting a serial short story on there. If you’d like to get regular updates from me and read a not-so cozy mystery, then sign up.

But I wanted to go further into it. So…

Here’s what I thought about with my writing:

And here’s my thoughts on my bookish goals:

What are you doing for your 2018? Look out y’all, I’ve knocked the cobwebs off of here, so you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me.

Sidenote: I was interviewed by Burgess Taylor about all sort of writerly goodness. And I did a written interview with Julie Reeser on her blog Persephone Knits.

Also, this Thursday on my channel at 7 p.m. EST, I’m going to host a write-in. I’ll be livestreaming and writing, so if you want to chat and get some work done, come see me!

Aloha y’all! 


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7 Responses to New Year- New Me?

  1. I get this. I think we all go through phases and transitions in life. Many times. Wbe evolve and emerge as we need to and maybe sometimes that means that what we always believed to be true about ourselves just isn’t any more. Doesn’t make it less confusing. For many years, I was a teacher. And even before I was one on paper with a full-time job, I was always a teacher in some capacity. So when I left teaching for my current version of life, that was hard. If I was no longer a teacher, then…what? But now several years later, I see that I still am that teacher more ways than I ever imagined, no matter what else I’m doing – mom, writer, volunteer, wife, etc.
    Goodreads challenge…yeah, I failed mine too. And I feel the same way about “failing” at it. I wanted to get back to reading for me, not reading for work or school like I did for fifteen or twenty years solid. I picked 100 because I was like “two books a week, no problem.” It was random. I read more. I read more varied things. I found new things to check out. So I’m totally OK with that fail. I like the tracking aspect more than anything.
    Hallmark Mysteries? Yup. Hallmark Drama? Yup. Hallmark regular channel? Yup again. LOL Daughter and I love them and for the most part, they are very tame and she can watch them with me. We totally binged on Christmas ones in December and now we just kind of love them together so we look for something on weekend.

    • Tamara Woods

      Hallmark Mysteries are really my everything. They’re so good. Such a nice pure way of watching a who-dun-it. Of course, the one with the mother and daughter who are both lawyers–I can’t remember the name off-hand– made me cry twice and it wasn’t even related to the story! My Mathmagician has been watching them with me. At first he thought they were crap, but now he likes them (but grumbles about it while he can’t turn away).

  2. Your new logo looks awesome. I love it.

  3. New year same ole Jo but that is ok I like me

    • Tamara Woods

      Good to see you Jo-Anne! Yeah, it’s good to like you. I like you too and I’m glad you stopped by.

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