My Bad–Recovering From Stupid Mistakes

This is how it feels to be in my head sometimes.


I make mistakes. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes they are royally idiotic, other times they’re just a little ditzy. This one goes in the first file.

I started a contract with a new online zine. I was to write a couple blogs for them in 3 to 4 days, edit them and submit. I’d checked out the blog. Read some of their other articles and listened to their podcast to see what kind of articles they publish. Submitted some article ideas and got them approved.

I wrote them, edited them and I thought I was doing good with time. Granted it was the last day, but it was fairly early in the day. So, it felt fine.

Problem: The contractor was in the U.K. Umm…yeah…there’s this little thing called a time zone that I apparently forgot exists. So on time in Hawaii was actually a day late in London. Fantastic. I submitted with an apology, but the lesson had been learned. I have a nice little international clock on my desktop. One of my current contracts is in Italy. You bet your bottom dollar Rome is listed on my clock. Sometimes it’s the seemingly smallest obvious detail that can take a success directly to fail.

If you’re like me, you’re going to make some really goof troupe worthy mistakes. Allow your head to have a moment with your desk. Then learn from it–remember that time zones exist dammit– and move on. Then use it as fodder for your blog.

If you want to share a headdesk moment, let it out in the comment sections. Don’t be shy. It’ll help make me feel like less of a jackass.

Aloha ya’ll! 

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