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My dear readers we are getting closer and closer to the SINGULARITY‘S release party on Facebook and Aug. 4th release date. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I’m endorsing it, because I love it. I’m enthralled with these characters and creeped out by Jessica. And I want you to fall down the rabbit hole with all of us. It’s creepy, but it’s one hell of a ride. Did I mention it’s available for pre-order?
SINGULARITY was written by Helena Hann Basquiat with Sara Litchfield, Sandy Ramsey, Lizzi Rogers, and Hannah Sears. It’s a companion piece to JESSICA, which was released last year. (It’s not required reading, but I urge you to pick it up.) Jessica B. Bell is the brain child of Helena Hann-Basquiat, but she’s somehow pushing beyond just the stretches of the imagination. She wants to be more.
SINGULARITY asks us the question:
What happens when the creation surpasses the creator? How far will Jessica go to be real?
SINGULARITY description:
An unspeakable act of violence leaves the residents of Ward C, home of a secret experiment, dead — torn apart.
There is only one survivor…A couple of years ago I started writing horror stories and Jessica was born. I had fun creating a twisted and ominous biography for her, painting a picture of some crazy hermit who lived in my basement and wrote stories on old parchment using her own blood for ink.
But she was never real. It seems that Jessica has taken on a life of her own, and so I’m going to do what I should
have done a while ago. 
I am going to kill Jessica B. Bell.
The Man
Today we have Sara Litchfield discussing her character, The Man. My questions will be in purple.


Alright, so first question
Were you involved with the Jessica novel?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYI wasn’t – but I *loved* reading it. It was creepy and compelling and such a departure from Helena’s semi-autobiographical writing that it blew me away

I was totally blown away by Jessica. She’s such an oddly freakish character. She reminds me of the demon that takes over the girl in The Exorcist.

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYYes – and there were shades of Penny Dreadful in there -gothically familiar whileexotically out there at the same time

*shudder* she’s so terribly enthralling. How did you become a part of the SINGULARITY journey?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYWell I’d been following Helena’s blogging adventures for some time and we’d becomepally in the comments down there – then she ordered a physical copy of my book, The Night Butterflies, when it came out and loved it – her review just sent me over the rainbow… She got in touch about a Jessica project soon after that

That’s awesome! Your character in the novel is the mysteriously sinister guy known as “The Man.” Where did he come from? How did you create his background?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYHelena gave me a cue for that – she was after something dystopian and the idea of a suicide cult gave me the starter for ten… a twist on the main relationship of The Road and The Man was born

Your depiction of those scenes were absolutely chilling. When you saw all of the pieces collected together– each writer’s bits–were you surprised? Did you have any expectations going in?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYI didn’t know what to expect but I was really wondering how it would come together – such different writers with different styles.. I wondered how it would sew up into a coherent whole – I think it’s amazing the way it’s been done! The way the themes in the different characters’ tales resonate with each other was a delightful surprise – they don’t seem disparate but integrated parts of an overarching story – which, of course, they are!

I absolutely agree. That is what made it incredibly interesting to read. If I didn’t know, I would’ve thought this was all from one person’s twisted imagination.
Why doesn’t The Man have an actual name?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYI think the idea of being the last person left alive on earth had me wondering if that wouldn’t be a secret deep-rooted fear of everyone’s… I didn’t give him too much character depth or development (other characters comment on it in the course of Singularity’s events) because I wanted the idea of the experience to take people away and have them putting themselves in his place – this ‘everyman’ left alone… He’s almost purposefully generic so he can be more easily identified with

The Man can be any man or every man. I see how that works and there are hints of that within the story. [Note: If you look at the file above, his features are a bit blurred] I feel like we’re getting close to spoiler territory. Gah, I want to ask all the questions about him and Jessica! But I’ll refrain.

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYLol yes do! That shocked me too wink emoticon

Well, let’s pull back a little. What genre do you normally write or is horror an old hat for you?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYI adore horror. Stephen King is one of my idols. And Dean Koontz. And anyone who can make things go bump in the night. I lap it up. Everything I write at the moment is tinged with horror – The Night Butterflies is dystopian, and my current WIP is dark fantasy.. It’s definitely a genre I want to grow fully into!

As someone who likes to look at the darker things…what is your writing process like? How do you tap into the dark side?

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYConsidering my life is pretty muchblueskies and fluffy kittens, it’s surprisingly easy for me to go into the dark places, find things lurking in the shadows and form them into words.. I think I’m just fascinated by the darker side to life – humanity, the universe, everything… I just sit down and start writing and it comes.. I don’t tend to think too much about what’s going to happen or who it’s going to happen to – definitely apantser over a plotter!

I think those dark spaces have fertile grounds in those happy places. It’s like taking a quick peak under the bed or in the closet when you’re a kid. You know nothing’s in there…but something could be in there…
You just look in the closet a bit longer.

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYAbsolutely – the world lurking in the dark corners


She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYYES!

Excellent! I’ll be there as well and hopefully my dear readers will stop by.
Thank you so much for letting me interview you Sara and for following down the Jessica rabbit hole.

She discusses her character from this summer's thriller SINGULARITYI can’t wait! Thanks so much for having me here!

Sara is a summer writer excited to throw her fiction at the world and see where it sticks. She is the author of dystopian thriller The Night Butterflies and blogs on happiness and hope at, which is also home to her editing business and publishing division, RIW Press – all aim to make the right mark on the wall of the world.


Here’s the next trailer in our SINGULARITY lineup. Is The Man the monster in his own story?

Add SINGULARITY to your Goodreads want to read list. Is available for PREORDER now!


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