Love | #1000Speak Poem

He slowly straightens,
bag filled with empty cans,
left by careless passerby and tourists.
This was his spot.
He’d counted each grain of sand,
Had been humbled by those waves
On more occasions than he could remember.
His home.
He’d been coming to this beach
before Hawaii 5.0
or Magnum P.I.
or when the buildings started blocking the sunrise.
And he took care.
This was his ‘aina.
Where he dove for tako
Where the ancestors had walked the land and
he’d taught his children how to live
with respect and care.
What they did rippled through life
like waves through the ocean,
Impacting everyone.
He looked around at his place,
checking for cigarette butts
and wrappers.
He nodded in satisfaction and shuffled home.


This month for #1000Speak for Compassion we’re talking about Love. And I thought about this. Love isn’t always romantic. Or even friendship. I wanted to talk about this man’s love for his environment, this land that felt as much a part of him as his family. If you’re interested in joining, write something about love and post a link.


I’m also participating in OctPoWriMo this month, so this will go for both of these wonderful projects today.

31 day


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8 Responses to Love | #1000Speak Poem

  1. I really enjoy this take on this month’s theme. Love really takes on many different aspect of life. I truly enjoyed the picture you gave here of his love for his piece of the world.
    Louise recently posted..2015 #Vampire H to KMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Thank you Louise. I’m from West Virginia where people are very proud of the land, but here in Hawai’i, they do try to take steps to protect. I admire that trait and I hope I gain it myself.

  2. Very nice I do like the way you write
    Jo-Anne recently posted..Mish, mash, this and that, or a post about random stuffMy Profile

  3. Beautiful. I loved the scene you paint with your words. Sounds like a magical place, very much worth loving and showing compassion toward.
    Kerry recently posted..Who Is Malala? #1000Speak, #StopGunViolenceMy Profile

  4. These different levels of love are so inspiring when explored. There is so much more to love than romance.
    Carol Campbell recently posted..Cascading~OctPoWriMo Day 21My Profile

  5. Very nice, Tamara! I like the character’s view of the world, and that progression isn’t necessarily a good thing.
    Dustin recently posted..The Rocking Horse WinnerMy Profile

  6. Beautiful poem… as Lizzi says… “I could see it all”… Painted-poetry.
    Kimmie recently posted..Blessed within the ShadowsMy Profile

  7. This is really lovely. And now I need to learn what tako is.
    You’ve painted a really compelling image here…I could see all of it 🙂
    Considerer recently posted..The Village Needs to Get in Touch (a #1000Speak post)My Profile

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