Lost inside a paperbag (A Poem)


This looked like a nightmare to me…

Dreams have been lauded for centuries to holding the key to your future. If you interpret the dreams just right, you can find your fortune. You can find yourself. What if your dreams play out like a record stuck on repeat, showing the same images each night? Would you lose yourself?


Lost Inside a Paperbag

He limped,
the right couldn’t keep up
with the left.
Hands clenched at his side,
concealing his long sharpened nails.
Slipped down to the corner store,
Knew what he’d find inside.
He just needed a nip,
A taste.

He never finished what he started,
Lost the race before
it was done.
Burying his dreams
in the bottom of the bottle.
Forty ounces of freedom.
He bought two.
Just to be on the safe side.
Malt liquor
gets you there quicker.
Fished changed from his pocket.
Quarters, nickles and dimes
roll on the counter.

The left sleeve of his fatigue
Pinned to the shoulder.
A reminder of why he
avoided his dreams.
The past screamed during the nighttime,
It roared.
It held the dreamer with its
spiny fingers
Giving no quarter.
A car backfired in the distance,
he fought the instinct to
find cover, and kept shuffling home.


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15 Responses to Lost inside a paperbag (A Poem)

  1. Very real and invoking of our feelings. Happy birthday!
    Carol Campbell recently posted..FrostMy Profile

  2. The way broken dreams play. A mind slowly disintegrates, until it breaks, fractures in ways we can’t control, or set flight and hide, it consumes one piece to a soul at a time in ways no one should find, as if drinking from a broken bottle into a once mighty fine oak barrel, now busted, cracked, split, and shattered in places where the riddle of seen and unseen scars never share, divulge a whole story, to where a dream started and when it slipped into obscurity. Yes, I’d become lost, and then perhaps hope to find a little of the dream again, as all becomes lost without hope and a little grace from those close to us.

  3. Your writing paints a great picture of this character and his background. I can see his painful addiction isn’t doing him any good. Very descriptive. Good job

  4. poignant and profound..felt this one deeply..great write

  5. Every person hides a story, and often it is a story of heartbreak. So well described, so heartfelt!
    Marina Sofia recently posted..The PoliticianMy Profile

  6. what a vivid life eh? makes me sad for those that served and all the ghosts they bring home…you def do a good job of letting us see him and how it has affected him….and you can only run so far from those memories…
    brian miller recently posted..a feather in a hurricaneMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      The past is always there, isn’t it? Even when we try to forget it, it’ll manifest itself.

  7. oh you paint him well… can clearly see him…love the details…the sleeves/fatigue image esp. – it’s tough when the past screams on you and the only way to find a bit relief is in the bottle.. i wish he could find a way out of this…

  8. This really hit me. What happens when a dream dies? It’s made me think…
    Natalie – The Cat Lady Sings recently posted..Growing Pains (Not the Show)My Profile

  9. Oh girl, this one made my heart hurt. How do you do it? And I could totally hear the rhythm of a song in it. Amazing.
    Melissa@Home on Deranged recently posted..5 ways to help my babies dream bigMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Honestly? I wrote part of this, but I couldn’t find the ending. So I slept on it and woke up with the rest.

  10. Very moving poem. Nicely done.
    Considerer recently posted..These dreams won’t let me downMy Profile

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