At least I have my health-TToT #39

Each week there’s this blog link up called Ten Things of Thankful. I sometime write a post and link up. This is one of those posts. *To clear up any confusion* If you’d like to link up, click on the banner and go forth and link.

Looking back on the past week, I’m wondering where did the time go? Since I started the month sick and then The Mathemagician caught a less serious, but yet still as much pain for me strain, this month has become a blur of…things.

1 However, we feel great now! And that’s the first thing I’m pretty happy for. 

2 I wrote a piece that I felt pretty good about this week. It’s on that whole #banbossy thing. Here, let me share a link for you. Writing that reminded me of my journalism roots. 3 So it was pretty sweet when they asked me to join the Lefty Pop guild this week. I’ll be able to flex my journo muscle on the regular over there. Excited!

That one is a two-fer.

PiDay is kind of a deal around these parts. Not like a HUGE one, but we do have to get the ceremonial pie each year. This year it was a chocolate silk one with a whipped cream topping. Wait, what is Pi Day you ask? If you’re asking this, then clearly you don’t have a math person in your house. It’s March 14…3/14…or 3.14 the first three digits of that irrational number Pi. 4 It’s a silly non-holiday/holiday, but we eat some pie and watch a date night movie. And that’s alright with me.

Nom nom nom

I’m trying to do this whole, create a video every week thing. 5 & 6. So I made a super short one, where I talk about two other things that I’m pretty psyched about. I’ll give that video a go here: 


7 I think more people are linking up to the Creative Buzz Hop, which is really exciting. The link opens Monday 6 am EST and is open for the week. And this week’s buzz word is WICKED. Of course it’s open to interpretation, or you can link up something else entirely. It’s really about sharing something creative.
Get your creative on.

I’m wearing a new dress today. Actually, it’s the one in that video. I bought it a few months ago, but hadn’t worn it yet. It’s super soft, isn’t nearly as short as I feared it would be and it makes my butt look good.
8 Nothing deep and meaningful here people. It’s all about the booty.

9 I had a delightful time talking to people during the Friday night chats. And they got to hear that damn howling dog, which made me feel less like a whiny complainer because it got on their nerves as well. They also proved to me that they were definitely a group of writers, by coming up with interesting and (probably) illegal ways to get the dog to simmer down. (He howls when his people leave around 6 am until they come home around 630pm. And then any time they leave him. I feel sad for him, but it drives me nuts. I’m very glad to have headphones. 10 **I’m counting that as one)
I’m not giving the dog a sedative wrapped in sausage chucked into the window.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend and that next week is even better. Thanks for reading and feel free to stop by any time. I’ll bring the poetry and you bring the wine. 😉

Aloha y’all!


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10 Responses to At least I have my health-TToT #39

  1. WHA hoo to a new soft dress that makes your booty look good and to pulling off the facebook interview. Wish I were in Honolulu to see your reading next week – you’ll rock it!
    Kristi Campbell recently posted..Easy DIY Snow Day ProjectsMy Profile

  2. I’m just getting started with podcasts, but when I get brave enough for video, I know who to come to! Just a question…does anyone else thing “bossy” is a substitute for another “b” word? You know, when men are assertive, they are go-getters, but when women are assertive, we are the other b word? In that respect, “bossy” is a much better choice, lol.

  3. Chocolate silk pie! used to be my favorite (back in the day)…

    hey great live-selfie! I’m a huge fan of doing video Posts, nice steady hand with the camera (I have to work on that aspect), but I like that is was a ‘one take’ vid… cinema veritas, y’all!
    clark recently posted..‘hi‘ …the Wakefield Doctrine (“no! don’t leave! it’s alright! that was a joke…really!”)My Profile

  4. Chocolate silk pie? Yum! Glad you have your health and can enjoy the pie 🙂
    Kate recently posted..The usual gratitude rundownMy Profile

  5. You are doing so well with getting your book out there Tamara. Hope it leads to lots of sales. And congrats on joining Lefty Pop. Great to see your health is good too. I’m thinking about the hop – so far nothing wicked about wicked has come to mind, but I expect I’ll see you there before too long. Can’t resist it these days!
    Yvonne recently posted..Silver Linings Thanks-BookMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Thanks Yvonne. I need to do more, but I think I’m off to an ok start. I’m really excited about Lefty Pop, that’s going to be a fun time. I’m glad you like our little hop. I think it’s a fun one. 😀

  6. Awwww I still think you should drug the doggie. EVERYONE will be happier.

    Your dress is beautiful – it suits you perfectly and you look so gorgeous on camera. I was watching one of the vlogs of me last night and just cringing at how gawky I look in it! You got this thing DOWN 😀

    Glad the pi-pie was scrumptious. And YAY for your health 😀
    Considerer recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #39My Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      If I had some type of sedative, then I would just take it myself. Then I wouldn’t care if he was barking or not. Huzzah!

      Thanks Lizzi! I’m trying really hard to make halfway decent videos. It’s a very different thing to be in front of a camera,rather than these words representing me.

  7. zoe

    YOu are so cute on your vids! And informative… I wish I was local to go to the artsy things… Poor next door doggie… We talked about pi day on the vid chat on friday but I didnt know why it was pi day! How fun is that! AND YOU GET TO EAT PIE! Love getting a new dress that I feel secure in… such a rarity for me! Congrats on that too !

    • Tamara Woods

      Zoe I wish I was closer for people to come to things as well! I guess the best I can do is try to put whatever I can on the internet. 😀

      I don’t think I was there yet for the Pi bit of chat. I just ate the last bit of pie for breakfast…with leftover pizza. This was not the best nutritional day. However it was tasty.

      Usually when I buy a dress (unless it’s incredibly long) the back bit will shrink up to an incredibly short length, but I was lucky this time around. Plus it has a fun little bit of flare at the bottom.

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