Is it crazy to Write a Book in 3.5 Days?

Success is key

If it’s crazy to try to write a book in less than a week, then call me crazy. It’s fine. I’ve been called worse.

I’m taking a personal challenge to complete a book in three and a half days. I have tons of ideas for novels, whether it’s short stories, slam and my Great American novel. I’ve thought about writing a book detailing how to use social medial to help your small business. Everyday, something new, or a new twist on an old idea, pops up. Yet, I do not have a completed work under my belt. I’m long past overdue to change that.

I was inspired by a webinar, by Kristen Eckstein, which is called, “How to Write a Novel in 3.5 days.” I’m going to use her tips to see if I, the ultimate procrastinator, can conquer this beast. My three days will include Friday, March 10, Saturday, 11th and Sunday, 12. My half will be Monday, 13.  I totally recommend signing up to watch her webinar. I was really inspired to try this out, and I think it’ll be a good experience to see how far I can push myself. Sometimes I just need someone to say, “Hey you can do it. Stop with excuses and just do it,” to give me some momentum.

Blame it on timing, adult ADHD, or just a basic fear of failure, I haven’t dedicated the time and energy to finish my book. Sure there’s been some incidents where my computer crashed and then the lastest when my car was robbed, my two jump drives were in that bag. *Note to self- Do NOT store the backup data disk with the original. This will backfire, and subsequently bite you in the ass.* The only way to change this, is to…well…change it. Stick my butt in my chair, in front of my pretty purple notebook, and getting it done.

So, wish me good luck and I’ll tell you how it went on Tuesday!


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7 Responses to Is it crazy to Write a Book in 3.5 Days?

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  2. Diane Frye

    Well, did you do it. I mean write a novel in 3.5 days. If you did, what is the response and result of that work??? Tony Morrison says that it takes her about four years just to write one book.

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  4. Oh, and I want to point out that the 3 1/2 day format is much tougher for novel writing than for non-fiction because of all the research and character development involved in writing best selling novels. Just make sure you do those things before you start writing.

    In any event, spending a dedicated 3 1/2 days of writing will go a long way toward actually holding your published book in your hands and passing it around to all your friends and family!

    I’m subscribing!


    • A.Woods

      I appreciate the warning, but I’m going to forge ahead regardless. I have a completed outline for the book for *ahem* over a year now. It’s time to forge ahead. And if we get Snowpacalypse 2011 around here as being predicted (I’m in WV), then what better time to do it?

  5. Hi Tamara, good for you! You’ve really put yourself out there by declaring your intention to finish your book. I’ll be rooting for you and I’m sure your readers will be, too.

    You can do it!!!

    Keep us posted on your progress!


    • A.Woods

      Thanks for the support Kristen! You’re video really made me think,”What am I waiting for?” And the fear, though it’s still there, it’s not at the surface. I refuse to not fulfill my dream. This first novel will be finished, and then edited. Next will be either shopping it around, or indy publishing. Either way, I’m extremely excited! Thanks again, and subscribe so you can read about my results.

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