Inside Out in Honolulu

Last week was the first time I attended a TEDxHonolulu event. Wassat? Have you heard of TED ? The tagline is,”Ideas worth spreading.” People from around the world, who have created something amazing, have participated in something or have thoughts that need to be share are invited to talk at TED events. It’s incredibly enlightening, and gives your mind that opportunity it needs to just see the world outside of your scope of ideas. There’s a YouTube channel┬áthat features so many of these fascinating people.

A TEDx salon is in the that same spirit, but on a local level. They show a TED video and then have local speakers. (Totally volunteer driven, I might add.) For July’s event, the theme seemed to be artists who are striving to change the world. As I walked into Fresh Cafe, at the far left corner, behind the tables of people eating and sipping their chilled mocha lattes, was a little photography setup. Immediately intrigued, I had to go up and ask people what it was, and can I haz piktur? They were taking photos for the Inside Out project.

This street artist, named JR with his sweet French accent had given a TED Talk about his world-wide project. He went to so many different places, taking face front portraits of people and then putting those pictures on usually spaces–huge spaces, like building tops, a large stairwells, trains, many urban settings. It was incredible to see. He even had the audacity to put Israelis and Palestinians pictures side-by-side, showing that people are people. ┬áHe’s been trying to open this up to a global scale. And TEDxHonolulu is participating, “The **Ohana Bunch, Inside Out Project,” as it has been dubbed. First with taking the photos, and sharing them on the Facebook page. And I guess sometime in the future this face could be staring at your from the side of a building? You may see this mug somewhere on an office window or a wall near you.

**FYI: Ohana means family**

Aloha, ya’ll!


This is me for the TEDxHonolulu Inside Out project

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