Infinite stretches against the shore | A Poem

Infinite poem


I                n               f               i               n               i               t               y
                                                                                     sea flows into the stream of life
                                                                                            file the consciousness into the darkest drink
rebel against the norm,
                                                                                   against misinformed patronizing platitudes
                                                                                              hope breaks against shores of inconsistencies
                                                                                                sounds like glass shattering
                                                                                         there's no more Truth here.
                                                                                                                A                     w                    a                    y


This poem is written as a response to this week’s prompt over at The Reverie Journal. There was two parts to it. Use at least 5 words from the wordle to create the poem and try to change the look of the poem to impact meaning.

I wanted to play with the idea of space and the infinite with space. I though this was an interesting challenge and it includes Star Wars–can’t go wrong with that.


The words I used: echo, infinity, sea, rebel, away

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