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And the winners are…

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up for Ella Col’s “Escape” giveaway! It’s now closed, and here are the winners!


Marcia Kester Doyle

Burgess Taylor

Christine Ardigo

Again, thank you so much to everyone who entered and remember–there’s still another giveaway live on the page! Win a copy of “Hard Days Hard Nights” or a Beatles t-shirt!


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And the Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who entered! Fortunately, Rafflecopter offers a random selection, so I didn’t have to choose anyone myself. The winner is: Michelle Grew! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Tomorrow’s my birthday you guys, did I tell you that already? More likely than not, I’ll be filming some type of vlog, so definitely sign up for my YouTube channel, so you can be alerted when that mess occurs. Also, did I tell you guys my next plans for my YouTube channel? Just in case I haven’t, here it is:

I’ve also got a few plans for this blog and my writing for 2015. Some changes a’coming and hopefully we’ll both enjoy them. It’s not a change in the layout…at least not yet. It seems like I get a spring cleaning feeling for this place annually–at least. Eh, gotta keep your options open, right?

Again congratulations to Michelle and thanks to everyone who entered!

Aloha y’all!

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Things didn’t suck this week. Huzzah. TToT Renegade style

Well, since this week they weren’t even going to do it…and I’m such a “rebel” in my own mind…And also I’ve told Lizzi at Considerings  I would do one approximately 3 million times with no actual product… I decided to write a post about some stuffs I’m thankful for this week.

Yeah, shaddup, I’m doing it, and I’d appreciate you saving the eye rolls until the end please, and thank you.

I’m not feeling incredibly sentimental or kind, but I figure I can find 10 things that made me if not fully smile, then at least a half-hearted grimace. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Ten Things of Thankful
  1. Having a crappy enough car that when I forgot the keys in the ignition it wasn’t stolen. Twice. However, Idgaf when I’m driving along the coast with the top down, I feel like I’m winning at life.
  2. Having a long-standing breakfast date with the Mathematician: Every Friday morning. And it hasn’t gotten old yet. Hopefully, next semester we’ll be able to do this as well. This would’ve seemed geriatric and boring to my 19-year-old self. She was an idiot.
  3. Chocolate, that comes in fancy boxes delivered to me by my bff Melissa. Joy and bliss and wonder. And so yuuuummmmy…
  4. My bloggy bestie Starr from The Insomniac’s Dream sent me over some Bad Bitch nail polish for my birthday, which is lovely as hell. You can read all about it here. I will be making  a post/video about it in the very, very, very near future.
  5. Cheap tasty wine/Skype combo: I’ve been having the best chats fueled with wine and some downtime. I miss everyone so terribly, it’s just nice to be able to chat and have a few drinks.
  6. Goal-tending: I’m more optimistic as this year is coming to an end than any of the others since I moved here. I’ve been able to set some goals and feel like I can actually accomplish some things. That’s probably due to better health than this time last year and seeing the book coming out on the horizon. *When I have the exact date, I’ll let you know.*
  7. My Nook and the e-library: I’ve been nary upon broke, so being able to get ebooks and upload them to my Nook, absolute lifesaver. Reading is by far my favorite activity, ever since I read that book about the mouse who walked so much that he kept having to get new pairs of feet. (I was so angry with him. Why didn’t he just get some shoes?! Big dummy mouse. I’ll read it again to see if he does it this time. Gah, he doesn’t! Oh, that’s how books work...)
  8. I bought this wristband at Sprawlmart for a couple bucks a few months ago. I was having a weird fatigue in my wrists, so I thought maybe the bands would help. That fatigue exploded into a freezing burn concentrated mostly in my shoulder and wrist of my right arm. Last week, I had to not type for a few days…which if you know me at all was extremely difficult whereas most of my communication is via the written word in one sense or another.
  9. Awesome bloggers being awesome. There’s been some really cool things happening this month. People helping each other in this blogging community that’s warmed the cockles of my heart.
  10. Bloggers liking my writing. I received a few blogger awards in the past few weeks. I did not forget about them. I just have been a lazy bastid and haven’t written anything up. It’s so haaaaaard you guys. I’m boring. I live on an island. I don’t even have cable. How am I supposed to come up with interesting facts about myself? Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately for you dear reader), Cyndi over at Pictimilitude fixed this one for me by giving me things for Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award. You guys she said things that made my heart grow three sizes bigger. Her compliments were lovely. She’s got it all: beautiful writing, photography, painting, bilingual teacher and studying and just being awesome. Do check her out. 


The 10 Questions:

1. Your favorite color: Orange and purple. I wear them the most. They make me the happiest. A much different mindset from when I was in high school and it was black and red. But mostly black.

2. Your favorite animal: I’m pretty sure cats are my spirit animal. We only want to be touched when WE say, and if you touch us wrong, you’ll get the claw. There’s something really important we have to get right now! And now it’s time of a nap.

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink: Ginger ale. I know so many people who associate the gingers with sickness, but I think I must link it to feeling better.

4. Facebook or Twitter: Probably Facebook, though I have finally come around to see the good in Twitter.

5. Your favorite pattern: I’m not sure if I have one…

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?: I like to give stuff, but I enjoy receiving too.

7. Your favorite number: 30,000

8. Your favorite day of the week: Friday. My Fridays have been lovely this entire semester, because The Mathemagician and I were able to go to our favorite spot for breakfast every Friday morning. It makes the start of the weekend so nice.

9. Your favorite flower: hibiscus. So pretty.

10. What is your passion?: Writing. Learning. Loving my friends and family fiercely unapologetically.

These other two awards I will get to, I promise. I was going to list them here, but then I realized this was already super long.

If you got down to here,  join the giveaway to win a copy of Stephen King’s “On Writing” and a copy of “Finding Lincoln’s Ghost.” Remember to answer the questions from the Rafflecopter in my comment section!

Aloha y’all! 


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