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Our story continues. Last week we met Victory as written by Helena Hann-Basquiat for the novel  SINGULARITY. This week, we continue on this journey of learning more about this book- one character at a time until the release date August 1st. I’ve read it my dears, and it freaked me out. I highly suggest this and that’s why I’m part of this ride to give you a better insight into this glimpse of Jessica B. Real. Check out last week’s edition to learn a bit more about all of this. And remember to stay for the trailer at the end. It’s chilling.

SINGULARITY was written by Helena Hann Basquiat with Sara Litchfield, Sandy Ramsey, Lizzi Rogers, and Hannah Sears. It’s a companion piece to JESSICA, which was released last year. (It’s not required reading, but I urge you to pick it up.) Jessica B. Bell is the brain child of Helena Hann-Basquiat, but she’s somehow pushing beyond just the stretches of the imagination. She wants to be more.

SINGULARITY asks us the question:
What happens when the creation surpasses the creator? How far will Jessica go to be real?
SINGULARITY description:
An unspeakable act of violence leaves the residents of Ward C, home of a secret experiment, dead — torn apart.
There is only one survivor…A couple of years ago I started writing horror stories and Jessica was born. I had fun creating a twisted and ominous biography for her, painting a picture of some crazy hermit who lived in my basement and wrote stories on old parchment using her own blood for ink.
But she was never real. It seems that Jessica has taken on a life of her own, and so I’m going to do what I should
have done a while ago. 
I am going to kill Jessica B. Bell.
 Let us introduce you to Harris Parker. Harris is the creation of  Hannah Spears.  (My questions are in purple.)

Harris Parker

The first question that I’ll ask you, that I’m going to ask everyone– why did you decide to do SINGULARITY?

Helena and I actually discussed collaborating several times since we first “met” and when JESSICA came along, I was happy to be part of it. Same thing with SINGULARITY. I felt like I knew Jessica B. Bell in a way after following along, so it was fun to delve back into that world.

It’s definitely an interesting world to dive into. Harris is such an interesting character. So driven. What can you tell my readers about him without any spoilers?

Helena set the “parameters” of the story she was looking for and since this piece has a lot of “monsters” I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted a main character who was flawed and yet still sympathetic.
I think you pulled that off very well. Did you pattern him after anyone?

Thank you!! I didn’t necessarily pattern him after a specific person… There have been a lot of movies and fiction that focus on the crux of Harris’s story, so I think I was more inspired by that. It’s interesting how the things people fear most at a certain point in time seem to take over film and fiction.
Fear is definitely part of his process. Do you think he would’ve been so obsessed with his…research…if he hadn’t had that fear?

I don’t think so. I think Harris was definitely driven by fear. Without being spoilery–I think his was fear of loss at the base.
 That fear of loss- something we can all identify with.
Who was your character in JESSICA? And how was writing for JESSICA different than SINGULARITY?

I think Helena ended up naming my character “Mary”–the truck driver at the roadside diner. Helena just said to come up with a story for someone meeting Jessica for the first time, so it was really open ended. I think I’d been watching a bunch of Supernatural lately, too, so demons and truckstops were on the brain. With Harris, Helena needed a certain kind of story, so I had to think of what kind of character I would want to see in that situation.
I love how these stories fit together like puzzle pieces, especially with SINGULARITY. I felt like I was being led down a Jessica rabbit hole.

I did too! I read Singularity through after all the stories came together and every time I thought I had the answers, something turned what I thought on its head.
Let’s talk about you a bit as a writer. Do you tend to write horror/thrillers?

For the longest time, no. I really only started writing horror stories about two years ago. I think it was a combination of wanting to try a new genre, reading some blogs that had horror stories, and watching a bunch of TV shows with supernatural elements.
What kind of writing is more your comfort zone?

I think I’m leaning more towards character-driven “literary” stories these days. But I pretty much only wrote fantasy for YEARS. I’ve branched away from that because it was (a) TERRIBLE and (b) I was following patterns and formulas rather than creating something I really loved.
That’s important to realize about yourself. Formulaic writing doesn’t work for everyone. What kind of advice would you give to someone embarking on a collaborative project like SINGULARITY?

I think you need to trust the puppetmaster. And if you don’t–or you don’t quite see their vision–you need to ask questions to ensure you get to that point. Since I’ve worked with Helena before, I was comfortable putting my work in her hands.
Puppetmaster, I like that.
How would you describe your writing process? Do you have any writing rituals that you follow?

I usually start with character. That probably sounds like an obvious answer, but I know some writers who come up with a plot first and then fill it in. As far as rituals go: if I’m crunched for time and need to finish writing something, I listen to music that fits the mood or subject of the story.
Thank you so much Hannah for stopping by the blog and giving us a little peak into Harris.

Thanks for having me!


Hannah was born and raised in the land of ten-gallon hats, spurs, and endless skies. After finally relinquishing her dreams of becoming a witty archaeologist with a flair for danger or swashbuckling and drinking her way through the Caribbean, she decided to follow her third (and most realistic dream) and become a writer. She currently resides in Boston (also known as the ice planet Hoth) where she is one year away from a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction. She can be found blogging at and occasionally at 1:1000 (

Here’s the next trailer in our SINGULARITY lineup. This gives you a peak into Harris Parker’s obsession:

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