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gossip folks

Did you hear?

Did you hear that her son is a queer,
her husband left her when he was five.
He drank too much at dives,

Oh that poor dear.

Stories to tell.
Gossip folks behind safe quarters
offering up pretended sympathy
thirsty for those sexy tidbits
drinking up misery

Did you know?

Did you know her daughter is hooked on blow,
She’s a pill head too with three kids, it’s bad.
She gives blow jobs behind the store for dough.

Oh, that’s so sad.

Then there’s the companion
Who’s supposed to be your pillar of strength
but instead uses your weaknesses against you.
Hurtful barbs packaged like
good intentions with glittery ribbons.
Not even leaving you with emotion’s sovereignty,
because you’re just taking it “the wrong way.”

Not to be rude

I’m going to tell you something that’s
going to shake you to your core.
You, my poor dear is a filthy, dirty whore,
that’s why your husband doesn’t want you anymore.
I’m sorry to say,
Your bills you should pay,
And then you won’t need welfare

Now don’t get so angry,
Wipe those tears from your eyes,
I’m the good person here,
I wouldn’t tell you lies.
Just wanted to say,
Without a hint of guise
That you’re a terrible person.
And let me tell you why…

Well gee thank you so much,
I won’t put up a fuss,
because your words are so “helpful” and “true.”
Your life must be perfect
without strive or tears
Since you give mine more time than its due.
It must be so hard
To be such a “good” friend.
Telling me things so simply and pat.
Instead I’ll suggest,
And please don’t protest,
My business is mine,
Your life is yours
And let’s just leave it at that.

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The interesting thing about bullying is it doesn’t just happen with children, though we focus a lot on them bullying each other in schools.  And it doesn’t have to be an overt act of meaness. You can bully someone with those backhanded compliments, “good intention” pieces of advice, and just the spreading of gossip. I think we’ve all ran into these scenarios once or twice. This month with 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion we’re talking about building from bullying in addition to compassion. If you haven’t heard about this, here’s a video explaining more:

And if you want to join in the conversation, either link up your own post on bullying, compassion or a combo of both or check out the posts that are in this link up. Make sure to use the hashtag #1000Speak when you share your link via social media, cuz we’re retweeting, reblogging, (and all those other things that means sharing) stuff like crazy!


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34 Responses to Gossip Folks | #1000Speak

  1. I’m glad I’ve shed a lot of these type of ‘friends’ who pretend to be sympathetic in order to extract details so that they can gossip about you behind your back! Very powerful poem, Tamara!!
    Roshni recently posted..Building from bullying #1000SpeakMy Profile

  2. This is wonderful. Love the line “drinking up misery.” So much truth here and a good reminder to us all to offer each other grace.
    Naturally Educated recently posted..Slow Down for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21stMy Profile

  3. A strong one Tamara. People sadly react in these ways to bullying… Offering meaningless assurances because they do not empathize.

  4. Great piece. I always say that our friends may think they are helping us and looking out for us but a lot of times they are feeding us poison with the toxic words that come out of their mouths. Before speaking, people need to ask themselves “what will she gain by knowing this?”
    Jackie @ The Courage In Me recently posted..Forgiving The Bullies of St. Callistus – #1000SpeakMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Oh Jackie, my sentiments exactly. Even if it’s from family, a little bit of tact helps. A lot.

  5. Oooh – I do love this. So very true. Backhanded comments – mean girls and boys who get older without growing up. The world is full of them. They are easier to recognize as adults, but words still hurt.
    Louise recently posted..Why Don’t You Like Me? – #1000SpeakMy Profile

  6. This is a great post Tamara tell me how I can get involved and support the cause. thanks for sharing.
    Patrice M Foster recently posted..Teach your kids to share – and do it early! | childMy Profile

  7. Your words have power beyond reason. This is a punch in the face. A good punch, packed with words and a great message.
    Starr Bryson recently posted..Last Stop on the Tour: An Amazing Prize Package Courtesy of Pat DiCesareMy Profile

  8. This is one of my favorites so far! Beautifully, perfectly said!
    Elizabeth recently posted..THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BULLY – #1000SPEAKMy Profile

  9. Sarah

    This poem really resonated with me. It’s very insightful and well written. ❤

  10. Rachel

    This was stunning, heartbreaking and so true to the point. You have a beautiful poetic way with words and this message… needs to be heard, read, and shouted from the rooftops.

  11. It’s so important to remember that this is bullying too. Very well said.
    Leslie recently posted..#1000 Speak: Bullies on the BusMy Profile

  12. What a terrific poem! I really enjoyed it you are very, very talented!
    Rena McDaniel recently posted..THE BULLY…#1000SPEAKMy Profile

  13. What a wonderful poem!!!
    Michelle recently posted..The Four Horsemen Of MypocalypseMy Profile

  14. I love your poem, Tamara … and I’m so glad you brought gossiping to light for today’s Building From Bullying event! Gossiping is definitely a form of bullying – it tears down a person. It causes damage! It’s hurtful! It needs to stop! Thank you for sharing your post! I’m so glad you’re part of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion! 🙂
    Marcia @ Blogitudes recently posted..Bullying: The Best RevengeMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Thanks Marcia, I’m glad I’m a part of this, too. I didn’t know if people would talk about gossip as much, but I’ve seen the harm it does. And I agree, it does tear people down.

  15. Powerful poem that digs right into the dirt of gossip and exposes the bully mentality of it. Love the strength of the last stanza.
    Charli Mills recently posted..March 18: Flash Fiction ChallengeMy Profile

  16. I really love this – first, love the poem format. And absolutely gossip is a surreptitious form of bullying. It serves no purpose but to tear down. So much true in here.
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted..#1000 Speak: Step Into Someone Else’s SkinMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Thank you Lisa! I was a little nervous. This was a bit of a departure for me, but for some reason it felt right with this topic.

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