Getting started–

Okay, so currently, I’m writing for Indyposted, but my work there is pretty sporadic. I’ll be writing more for them as the days go on.

I’m also going to start writing as an Examiner on Sex and Relationships. I think that’ll be a fun topic to cover.

The Writer’s Networking event is still being worked on. More details within the week.

Not too shabby for being bed-bound and incredibly exhausted, eh? I truly am a work in progress. I’m workin on it…workin on it…

I’ve noticed that I’ve had some trouble keeping motivated and on the ball when it comes to my writing.Any suggestions?


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  1. A.Woods

    I think you’re right Larry. I remember having this idea a long time ago, when I was a reporter for the Daily Athenaeum (the WVU college paper) , but it wasn’t approved. That wasn’t the direction they wanted to take the paper. It’s cool that I’ll be able to try this idea out here and see how it works. I’ll have to figure out how to have automatic updates of my Examiner site on here.

  2. larry

    I think you idea to write on relationships and sex would be interesting and draw readers. You can get a plethora of ideas and insights from people in your everyday life. I would just pay attention to whats going on around you and when you see something interesting turn it into a question to explore further.

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