End of the year roundups: Your Top 5

It seems like everyone is doing some type of End of the Year roundup. Whether it’s favorite movie lists, lists of favorite books. Favorite bloggers. Whatever you’re interested, then you can make a list about. I’m going to make one as well. I was curious to see what posts y’all enjoyed the most on my humble page. It’s that time of year. And guess what? As the title has told you, I ain’t no different.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been posting less often and when I do post, it’s more about the fiction and the poetry than anything else. That’s how I’m going to head into the New Year as well. I want my writing to be my focus. I have some plans for the 2015 that I’m going to share in a vlog on Thursday (and subsequently on here). Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime…

Under the guidance of Kelly from one of my blogging groups, I figured out how to find which posts y’all clicked on the most. So, if you hate these, it’s your own fault. I had nothing to do with it. I mean, I wrote them…most of them. You know what I mean. I picked these categories: Poetry, Short Story, Guest Post, On Writing, and Video. These are the things that I’ve written about the most this year.

Here’s the Top 5 posts that you liked the most this year. Top 5

Short Story

RushThe Short Story you guys came back to the most was “New Life, Old Friend.” This story told a tale of Dee, who’s trying to stay clean. It’s a struggle for her, but she’s trying valiantly to keep herself together. Then her friend from the old days comes into the picture. Let me know if you guys would like to see what happens to Dee following this vignette in the comments below.


The poem you came back to the most was, “A Desperate Freedom.” This one is about a child lost to violence. It was written in February before Tamir Rice became headline news. I sometimes wonder if he wouldn’t have been roasted in our media as a “thug” if he’d been six instead of 12. I guess 12 is the new adult. Or so it would seem on some news outlets.

          On Writing

http://penpaperpad.comThe post about writing you read the most was, “Being a Black Writer in a Post-Racism Society.” This basically me asking some questions out loud. Trying to figure out where I stand in this writing world and what I want to say. What should I talk about? And will I be judged for my words? I received some very interesting comments on  my blog and on G+ for this one.


starr vidThe video that you clicked on the most was, “Meeting an Online Friend IRL” where I met my bloggy bestie Starr from The Insomniac’s Dream for the first time. It’s just weird to me how it didn’t feel weird. I felt like I was visiting a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years. Not someone I hadn’t actually met face to face.





            Guest Post

http://penpaperpad.comThe guest post you guys absolutely loved, was Theodore Webb’s post about dialog called: 5 Things I Learned About Dialog on the Way to the Theater. He’s a writer of poetry and dystopian fiction. And I suggest if you’d like to learn a bit more about writing dialog, check that post out.

That’s it! You’re Top 5 posts of the year. Were you surprised? I definitely was. Let me know down in the comments what you think. And do you want to hear more of Dee’s story? Maybe I’ll do this again next year. Who knows?

Aloha y’all! 


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8 Responses to End of the year roundups: Your Top 5

  1. Happy New Year!
    maxima recently posted..With Love MaximaMy Profile

  2. OOOO, more to read, SWEET! …I will be looking at these links again, when it’s not so late. 🙂

    • Tamara Woods

      Thanks Cindy! I hope you find something that you like there. It’s been a decent writing year. 🙂

  3. I love this list. It’s neat to look back and see isn’t it? I look forward to more fiction. And yes to more Dee.
    Starr Bryson recently posted..A Letter to SantaMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Definitely more writing on here. It’s what I do. I can’t believe I haven’t been writing more fiction on here anyway. Duh Tamara.

  4. I hope 2015 is a great year for you and yours
    Jo-Anne recently posted..KwanzaaMy Profile

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