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Writers on WritingHey there PPP readers! Today we have a guest, Tim Young. He’s going to talk about dealing with writing distractions. He is a Hell’s Kitchen denizen: Writing and rocking, singer/songwriter and guitar player. He’s originally from Easton, Pa. Tim is published at red lemonade and Fictionaut. Follow him on Twitter: @timsored.


The keyboard is the new pen, which is fine with me; I like the noise it makes when I type. Those clicks and clacks mean the words and ideas are in the flow. The problem with the keyboard is its inextricable connection to the rest of the computer. Stopping for a moments thought may easily send one to search something online, check mail, etc., etc. I know you know how it goes. My idea is to distract the distraction. Be distracted but be creative. Instead of running right into the arms of the internet get up off your chair and walk around. Look in the fridge, go to the bathroom, grab more coffee or a snack. This lets your mind do some drifting but meanwhile you can still be thinking about the writing task at hand.

The next item on my list (If you’re not into lists I think it’s a good idea to go there) is the more than popular cell phone. I love my phone but it does not belong on the writing table. Someone mentioned this to me and I had a deadline to meet so at my next session I put the phone on my bed under a pillow. I like to talk to inanimate objects so I told the phone, don’t worry I won’t forget about you. But that turned out to be a lie. No sooner did I get into the clicky clack of my keyboard did I totally forget about the phone. I was released! Freedom was found and seeing and knowing progress was made is a juicy reward. I love rewards, don’t you? Rewards are great encouragement.

Talking is next. It’s obviously not required to speak to inanimate objects like I do, although I think it’s fun, but you may want to begin, if you haven’t already, to talk to yourself. It’s all about freeing ourselves up from the usual and mundane. I think some ideas flow much less inhibited if they are spoken out loud. We create characters right? So go ahead and be some of them. Talk it out, crack some jokes, humor is good medicine, as they say, it’s also useful to take the pressure off, lighten a moment when the keyboard is quiet. The best result being you might even stumble upon an idea for a new piece. Think of it like a jazz improvisation. Not knowing where your solo is going is a good thing.


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  1. Cool guest post. Great tips and advice and I like the clickety-clack of the keyboard, too. 🙂
    Cyndi recently posted..Highway 209 | Luck, NC | Picto Project Week 5My Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks for stopping by Cyndi, I think that was definitely a nice addition to the guest posts on here. I like the clickety-clack too.

  2. This is so true. All these are perfect writing stimulants! Thanks for sharing, Tim and Tamara!!

  3. Tim Young


    Hi. Thanks so much. A great pleasure to be involved with your blog.

    All the Best!

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