Cinquain: Exploring different types of poetry

http://penpaperpad.comAs I’m sure you gathered, I love writing poetry. Generally speaking, I always just write free verse, but without exploring new things, there’s no way to grow. I like to challenge myself and try new things. So, I thought I would start doing this with my poetry as well. I watched a YouTube video, Wordplay with Nikka on the Geek and Sundry Channel. She discussed cinquain, and I thought I’d try it out. 

A cinquain is a poem that has five lines, but there’s several different types of them. This type uses a five-line poetry style, where there’s a different syllable pattern to each line. I used a the garland cinquain style to create this poem. On Monday, I wrote a poem called Unforgettable You exploring this style.

So each stanza has different number of syllables first line: 2; second line: 4; third line 6; forth line 8; fifth line (2)
Your eyes (2)
beautiful truth (4)
Recording life’s passing (6)
Whispered secrets shared in a blink (8)
Connected. (2)

She also talked about the didactic cinquain. This one is very simple. The first line is a noun, the subject of the poem. The second are a pair of adjectives describing the subject, the third is a three word phrase that talks more about the subject, the forth describes feelings related to the subject and the fifth gives single word synonym or other reference to the first line. I adapted that to the garland cinquain.

The garland cinquain has 6 stanzas. Then the last one takes a line from the each of the earlier ones to create the last stanza. So line one is the first line from the first stanza. Line two is the second line from the second stanza and so-on. I accidentally modified this by apparently miscounting my stanzas. Oops! C’es la vie! The intention is there. Read the entire poem here

Of course there are many forms of this poem to explore. I just shared a couple. Have you written a cinquain before?

Do you have any suggestions for what I should try next?

Let me know in the comments! I love chatting with you guys.

Aloha y’all! 


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